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Trinity Bob commented on Absurd analogy

Dear Mr. Potts,

Let’s discuss your two main arguments and skip the straw men for now.

“… people minding their own business in the public sphere with a virus lurking about (every day) is akin to people pointing guns at others and pulling the trigger.”

If you are a carrier…

Trinity Bob commented on Right to ‘Life’ should prevail

Dear Richard Cole,

Thank you for pointing out the order of our rights as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. Protecting our lives and our safety is first and foremost EXACTLY what the government is for.

Let's hope that all of our community members will agree with th…

Trinity Bob commented on Questionable mailing

Dear Willard Waterhouse,

Mr. Trump is merely using your hard-earned tax dollars to try to get himself re-elected. Same thing when he put his name on our stimulus checks. Before I cashed mine, I wrote above his signature: This is all my fault. Signed,

Trinity Bob commented on Playing Russian Roulette

Dear John Letton,

You have hit the bull's-eye with your thoughtful and logical argument. To put it into terms that many of us around here will perhaps understand even better:

You may believe that gun you're waving around is unloaded, but you'd better not point it at me!

Trinity Bob commented on No free rides

Dear Steve Lindsay,

I respect that you have prepared in advance for emergencies and I too hope you will never need ambulance or air flight service.

But I am sorry that you feel that Democrats are your enemy. Let me please assure you that if ever you were in trouble, I and ever…

Dear mikew,

You have the complete right to drive your car over a cliff, but if your car lands on somebody else, you will have hurt them.

Take all the personal risks you want, but when you risk the life or health of others, that's not right.

Dear Jack and Judy Nordlund,

Have you considered the possibility that the decisions made by the Public Health Department might be the very reason we have so few Covid cases here in Trinity?

I'm sorry that you feel burdened by science and its ramifications, but the Health Depar…

Trinity Bob commented on Voting by mail empowers

Mr. Huber,

Thank you for your rational and reasoned response to the Sheens' letter of a few weeks ago.

You have the facts on your side and you present them clearly and logically while naming the real culprits and their real agenda.

It appears the Sheens "have stepped in …

Thank you the highly informative article, Tony, and for your spirit of civic duty. One question: Is the testing free? Their site doesn't say.

Trinity Bob commented on Against all-mail voting plan

Dear Diana and Terry,

From the US Constitution: The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; … thus, your premise that voting in person at “polling places” is guaranteed by the US Co…