There’s one subspecies of human that almost universally appreciates curvy highways, which Trinity County has in abundance. Motorcycle riders come from around the region for the roads, rivers and views, not to mention hometown stores, secluded camping areas and a general lack of traffic. In fact, one could say Trinity is the ideal motorcycle county. Here are just a few of its amazing local roads and what to expect when riding them.

Highway 3, Weaverville to Callahan — Scenic cruising past Trinity lake and along the upper Trinity River until you hit Scott Mountain, and then the corners get serious. This part is best suited to the hardy rider who doesn’t mind leaning into it. Passing over Scott Mountain you enter Siskiyou County and drop into Callahan and Scott Vallley.

Highway 299, Weaverville to Willow Creek — A great ride with some traffic, some road construction and few gas stops. However, with the Trinity River flowing next to most of the road, temperatures stay cooler.

Highway 299, Weaverville to Redding is casual and scenic, but a large segment is a fairly steep downhill grade heading east. This will take you right through the scar of the Carr fire and along Whiskeytown Lake.

Highway 3 from Douglas City to Hayfork — Views, curves, grades and passing lanes, this road has it all. Local riders use it to sharpen their riding skills and if you hang out at the summit long enough, you may see them go back and forth several times.

Highway 36 from Fortuna to Red Bluff — While neither of those towns are in Trinity County, the best part runs through it. In 2011, Motorcyclist Magazine called it one the 10 best in the country and one reader called it 140 miles of twisty bliss.

Honorable mention goes out to the many amazing bike roads in the South County near Ruth Lake, but the devastation left by the 2020 August Complex fire is a reminder of what a single spark can do. Be extra careful please.

On any of these rides, be sure to gas up whenever available and tell someone your route before you leave as many places won’t have cell coverage.

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