On Saturday, Nov. 13, the Weaverville/Douglas City Parks and Recreation Co-Ed Flag Football League sponsored by Velocity Communications completed its season at Trinity High School’s football field with Championship Weekend.

The first game of the day took place in the Pee-Wee Division (K-2nd graders) when Jesse Ragan’s Sheen Photography Pee-Wee Dawgs hosted the Weaverville Black Panthers who are coached by Thomas Stone and Thomas Mlakar for the final time. Both teams provided an adorable brand of football throughout the season, and learned many fundamental skills crucial for the game of football. Skills like learning how to pull flags, run in the right direction each play, or even how to remove your foot from the mud after running through a soft spot in the field. These two teams improved tremendously throughout the year and they will sure be exciting to watch as they get older.

The second game of the day was at 10:45 a.m. in the JV (3rd-5th graders) Division. The #1 seed Junior Wolves, coached by George Seele and Dustin Giddings, matched up with the #2 seed Big Valley Properties Phantoms, who are coached by DeWayne Reuman and Melissa Robinson, for a climactic finale to the season. Throughout the year these teams have gone back and forth and their final meeting of the year was no different with this game coming down to the final play. After Matthew Maze scored the go-ahead score to give his team a 20-12 lead, the Phantoms got the ball back with two plays left in the game. The first play resulted in an incomplete pass; the second play, however, appeared like it was going to be a huge one. Dean Reuman danced through three Junior Wolves players and sprung loose down the right sideline, but luckily for the Junior Wolves, Cruz Thompson was there to make a game-sealing flag pull that ultimately crowned them the 2021 JV Division Champions. Ivan Storckman led all scorers with 14 points for the Junior Wolves while Jaxx Jones and Payton Flower scored the Phantom’s touchdowns.

The final game of the day and league season was the Varsity (6th-8th graders) Division matchup between the Douglas City Store Varsity Dawgs coached by Jesse Ragan and the Weaverville Huskies who are coached by Marty Mather. This game started off slowly with both teams “punting” on their first possession and it was much more of a defensive showdown than we are used to seeing from these two teams. In fact, it was a second-half defensive stand that swung the momentum in the Dawgs’ favor. Part way through the second half the Huskies marched the ball all the way down to the Dawgs’ 2-yard-line and were in prime position to tie the game at 6 apiece. They even got the ball into the endzone at one point but had their score wiped off the board due to an offsides penalty. The Dawgs were able to hold the Huskies out of the endzone and eventually ran all the way back down the field to grow their lead to 12. The Huskies did get on the board after an impressive drive throwing the ball, but the Dawgs offense was just too prolific as they sealed their 18-8 victory with a long run down the right sideline. This run was so exciting that it even caused one of the Dawgs’ coaches to tumble over a yard-marker on the sideline. Caleb Stimson scored all 8 of the points for the Huskies, while the Dawgs were led by the three-headed monster of Jay Brown, Miller Brown and Eli Faulkner who all scored one touchdown each.

With the conclusion of Flag Football, Weaverville/Douglas City Parks and Recreation District will take a short break from youth sports, but plan for Co-Ed Youth Basketball registrations in December.

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