Weaverville/Douglas City Parks & Recreation District Youth Basketball League sponsored by Velocity Communications held its second week of games this past weekend. Games started on Friday, Jan. 25, at the WDCPRD Rec Hall and continued on Saturday, Jan. 26, at the Trinity High School gymnasium.

Week 2, Jan. 25-26

Mini Division (Pre-K), scoring was not kept as per league rules: The first game of the week took place in the “Minis” Division for Pre-K aged children. The two teams, coached by Cody Smith and Kimberly DeRemer, played 3-on-3 basketball.

Pee Wee Division (K-2nd graders), scoring was not kept as per league rules: The second game of Friday evening was in the Pee-Wee Division. The Lewiston Mini-Mart Nuggets, coached by Katy Ritchey, hosted the visiting Trinity Title Co. Cavs coached by DeWayne Reuman and Nate Trujillo. The next set of Pee-Wee games took place on Saturday at the THS gym. The Knicks, coached by Shyann Giddings, squared off with the Warriors coached by Bradlee Chandler. The final Pee-Wee game of the weekend was a battle between the two Hayfork Pee-Wee teams. The Pistons, coached by Jonny Castellanos, played the Wizards, coached by Aaron Haight.

JV Division Girls (3rd-5th graders): The first game on Saturday was in the JV Girls Division. The Monarchs, coached by Dave DeLange, played the Comets, coached by Steve Biggs. And it was the Comets who earned the nail-biting 8-7 victory. The game was tied 6-6 heading into the fourth quarter but the Monarchs could only get one-of-two free-throws to fall after the Comets took the lead. Maggie DeLange scored all 7 of the Monarchs points while Shea Storckman carried the load for the Comets with all 8 points.

The second JV Girls game of the weekend was between the Mystics, coached by Roni Nugent and the Monarchs. The Mystics jumped out to an 8-0 half-time lead and never looked back, eventually winning 18-4. Both teams only had two players score; with Alexis Shuman and Maggie DeLange each putting in a basket for the Monarchs while Claire Cox led the Mystics with 12 and Braelynn Williams scoring the other 6.

JV Division Boys (3rd-5th graders): The first JV Boys Division game of the weekend was at 11:30 a.m. between the Lakers, coached by Tim Ritchey, and the Timberwolves coached by Katie Smith. The Timberwolves had the lead in the first and third quarters but it was the Lakers who got the 18-15 win. It was a one-point game late in the fourth quarter before Caleb Stimson hit a dagger of a jump-shot to seal the win. Stimson led the Lakers with 8 points while Aden Short followed closely behind with 7 for the Timberwolves. This would be the first of two wins for the Lakers this weekend.

The Lakers played again that afternoon against the home-team Bulls coached by Kenney Wiley. But the extra game was not enough to slow down the Lakers as they earned a 32-6 win. Caleb Stimson continued his hot streak with 14 points while Tatem Wiley scored all 6 of the Bulls’ points in the fourth quarter.

The final JV Boys game of the weekend was between the host Kings, coached be Ralph Dunlap and the visiting Plotzke Ace Hardware Raptors coached by Jim Cook. The Raptors earned their first win of the year 11-9. The game was close late in the fourth quarter before the Kings almost sealed the victory for the Raptors taking multiple shots on the wrong hoop before eventually dribbling down and throwing up a last-second three pointer as time expired.

Jacob Willis led the Raptors with 7 points while two other teammates also recorded a basket. Bill Kormeier was the leading scorer for the Kings while three other teammates put in a bucket of their own.

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