Weaverville Waves Team Photo

The Weaverville Waves swim team won their own Invitational this past weekend.

Continuing their incredibly strong swim season the Weaverville Waves took first place this past weekend at the Weaverville Waves Invitational Swim Meet at the Lowden Park Pool.

High Point Winners for their age groups were Penelope Faulkner, first place, and Ellie Dresselhaus, third place, in the girls 6 and under girls division; Rowan Cantrell, third place, in the 6 and under boys division; Kayleahnna Schroeder, third place, in the 7 and 8 girls division; Jonah Jaramillo, first place, in the 7 and 8 boys division; Emma Cameron, second place, and Mattie Dresselhaus, third place, in the 9 and 10 girls division; Kamaela Cantrell, second place, in the 11 and 12 girls division; Wes Dresselhaus, second place, and Eli Faulkner, third place, in the 11 and 12 boys division; Kailey Cameron, first place, in the 13 and 14 girls division; Taylor Rhein, first place, in the 13 and 14 boys division; Chloe Albiez, tied for second place, in the 15 and 16 girls division; and Tesla Ehlerding, first place, in the 17 and 18 girls division.

Team members that helped bring the Waves to their first-place win were McKenna Bennett, Gayle Blackwell, Isabell Blackwell, Joshua Blackwell, William Blackwell, Abigail Brookins, Peyton Cameron, Huxley Cantrell, Elizabeth Carpenter, Ethan Carpenter. Carson Cousins, Julie Cousins, Olive Crow, Dylan Dann, Miles Dann, Wyatt Dann, Payton Darvell, Carver Dresselhaus, Isaac Faulkner, Christian Frazer, Savannah Hauser, Sophia Isabell, Noah Jaramillo, Gavin Lynn, Keira Lynn, McKensie Lynn, Reagan Lynn, Miley McCoy, Angie McCullah, Lana McGrew, Emi Milam, Breanne Nevling, Caden Nevling, Davella Sampson, Abigail Scharnow, Aiden Sheen, Jayson Sivil, Trey Sivil, Emily Smith, Jenna Smith, Sophia Smith, Ethan Straatmann, Beatrice & Ronan, Amelia Velasquez, and Shirley Williamson.

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