Weaverville/Douglas City Parks & Recreation District Youth Basketball League sponsored by Velocity Communications continued its season this past weekend. Games started on Friday, Feb. 22, at the WDCPRD Rec Hall and continued on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Weaverville Elementary School gymnasium. Week 6 scores and standings:

Mini Division (Pre-K), scoring was not kept as per league rules: The first game of the week took place in the “Minis” Division for Pre-K aged children. The two teams played 3-on-3 basketball.

Pee Wee Division (K-2nd graders), scoring was not kept as per league rules: The second game of Friday evening was in the Pee-Wee Division. The Trinity County Title Co. Cavs faced off with the Warriors. The other Pee-Wee game of the weekend took place at the WES gymnasium. The Lewiston Mini-Mart Nuggets hosted the visiting Knicks.

JV Division Girls (3rd-5th graders): The first JV Girl’s Division game of Saturday was the Comets hosting Roni Nugent’s Mystics. One point separated the two teams at the half with the Comets holding a slight 8-7 lead. Much like they have all season, the Comets made some second-half defensive adjustments to shut down the opposing offense while bolstering their own. The Comets outscored the Mystics 12-2 in the second half before running away with a 20-9 victory. Braelynn Williams tried to keep the Mystics in the game scoring all nine of their points. But the Comet defense was ultimately too much. Shea Storckman led the Comets in scoring with 10 total points. This was the only JV Girl’s action of the weekend as the Monarchs had to forfeit their game against the Mystics.

JV Division Boys (3rd-5th graders): The JV Boys kicked off Saturday’s games as the Plotzke Ace Hardware Raptors hosted the Bulls. The Bulls got multiple players back from sickness this week and the extra manpower definitely benefitted them as they jumped out to an 18-0 halftime lead before cruising to a 28-5 win. One of the players returning was Kayden Davis and he looked like plenty healthy totaling 12 points for the Bulls. Tatem Wiley followed close behind his teammate with 10 of his own. Jacob Willis scored all five of the Raptors’ points in the closing minutes of the game.

Following that game, the Sheen Photography Kings welcomed the visiting Timberwolves. The Kings earned the 13-7 victory but the story of the game was the Timberwolves inability to get the lid off the basket. If they had made even half of the shots they took the score may have gone more in their favor but every shot, whether it was a long-bomb or a 2-footer, seemed to roll around the rim and slide out. Bill Kormeier led the Kings in scoring, totaling all six of his points in the second-half. Donovan Schneider led the Timberwolves with three points while his teammates Joshua Smith Jr. and Wes Dresselhaus each put in a basket of their own.

The final JV Boys Division game of the weekend was the Sheen Photography Kings, the home team once again, this time to the Lakers. The Kings built upon the first game, riding some hot shooting from multiple players on their way to a 34-14 victory. Both teams fielded low rosters with players out for various reasons but the Kings had momentum on their side. Three of the six Kings scored eight or more points while all six put in at least one basket. Bill Kormeier led the Kings again, this time with 10 total points. The Lakers only had two players score: Caleb Stimson with eight, and Tom Ritchey with six.

Standings (Through Week 6)

JV Boys Division W L

Lakers 4 2

Sheen Photography Kings 4 3

Bulls 3 2

Timberwolves 3 3

Plotzke Ace Hardware Raptors 1 5

JV Girls Division W L

Comets 6 1

Mystics 4 2

Monarchs 0 7

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