Bowling highlights

Trinity Lanes

Thursday Night Businessmen

Week 23, Feb. 14

High Scratch Series: Ralph Wheeler, 595; Mike MacLaren, 580; Sam Frink, 570

High Scratch Game: Sam Frink, 214; Dan Harwood, 213; Ralph Wheeler, 210

High Handicap Series: Sam Frink, 615; Ralph Wheeler, 613; Mike MacLaren, 607

High Handicap Game: Dan Harwood, 230; Sam Frink, 229; Ralph Wheeler, 216

Senior League, Feb. 12

Men Scratch Series: Turner Jones, 484; Verlin Harwood, 473; Dony Morris, 414

Men Scratch Game: Ron Kasper, 178; Willard Waterhouse, 161; George Cassell, 141

Women Scratch Series: Lora Wheeler, 471; Judy Lorenz, 416; Sharon Workman, 405

Women Scratch Game: Sunny DeCastro, 167; Fay Patterson, 161; Sharon Eggleston, 127

Trinity Pool League

Tangle Blue V    170

Tangle Blue III    162

Tangle Blue II    153

New York I    148

TAP    141

Tangle Blue I    135

Diggins I    134

Diggins II    119

Boozehounds    110

New York II    110

Tangle Blue IV    106

Moose I    91

STNF begins snow grooming

Winter has arrived and snow is beginning to accumulate at higher elevations of the forest providing a wonderful opportunity to enjoy winter sports and recreational activities on public lands. Forest employees have begun snow grooming operations on portions of the roughly 250 miles of established snowmobile trails connecting the Klamath, Modoc, and Shasta-Trinity national forests.

While these trails are groomed primarily for snowmobiles, they are also perfect for snowshoeing or cross country skiing. When encountering other user types on the trails, please maintain a safe distance and be respectful to other users.

These recreation areas do have limited plowed access points during the winter months and winter hazards may occur such as avalanches, falling trees, limbs or snow from the trees above. Private logging operations may occur during the week in some of these areas. Because of these safety considerations, the public is encouraged to “Know Before You Go” and contact the McCloud and Mt Shasta Ranger Districts in advance for specific warnings or closure information.

To learn more about winter recreation opportunities on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and view a PDF version of the Tri-Forest Snowmobile map which highlights routes, warming huts and cell phone reception areas, visit

To learn more about the area

services provided by the Mount

Shasta Avalanche Center visit www.

Forest seeks OHV comments

The Six Rivers National Forest, in coordination with Forest Service law enforcement staff, is seeking input on a grant proposal to the state’s Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division to enhance and manage motorized recreation on National Forest System lands.

Public participation is a requirement of the grant process and an important part of the forest’s off-highway vehicle program.

Preliminary grant applications will be submitted to the OHMVR Division by March 4. The public will be able to review and comment on the preliminary applications submitted by the Six Rivers National Forest from March 5 to May 6, by visiting and searching for Six Rivers National Forest under the Agency tab.

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