Bowling highlights

Trinity Lanes

Thursday Night Businessmen

Week 10, Nov. 12

High Scratch Series: Mike Maclaren, 631; Ralph Wheeler, 541; Bill Healy, 540

High Scratch Game: Mike Maclaren, 246; Bill Healy, 202; Ralph Wheeler, 195

High Handicap Series: Mike Maclaren, 646; Jonathan Duerst, 578; Bill Healy, 567

High Handicap Game: Mike Maclaren, 251; Jonathan Duerst, 211; Bill Healy, 211

Thursday Morning Ladies

Week 8, Nov. 12

High Scratch Series: Kathy Weiner, 492; Bonnie Yingling, 462; Teresa Gordon, 434

High Scratch Game: Daphne Wetzel, 178; Kathy Fox, 157; Carmaleta Bramlett, 149

High Handicap Series: Mary Ellen Grigsby, 625; Lanice Jennings, 617; Lucy DeMaris, 579

High Handicap Game: Charlene Griffith, 233; Lynn McElroy, 214; Liz Ritz, 208

Wednesday Night Adult

Week 8, Nov. 11

Men's High Scratch Series: Michael Carroll, 492; Jonathan Duerst, 382; Jim Morey, 375

Men's High Scratch Game: Michael Carroll, 167; Jonathan Duerst, 158; Jim Morey, 137

Men's High Handicap Series: Michael Carroll, 630; Jonathan Duerst, 571

Men's High Handicap Game: Jonathan Duerst, 221; Michael Carroll, 213

Women's High Scratch Series: Ashley Sommerfield, 555; Anamarie Frazier, 434; Jenni Flint, 425

Women's High Scratch Game: Ashley Sommerfield, 214; Anamarie Frazier, 159; Beverly Wilson, 156

Women's High Handicap Series: Beverly Wilson, 572; Jenni Flint, 557; Vicki Froiland, 534

Women's High Handicap Game: Jeanne Morey, 209; Beverly Wilson, 209; Sis Curran, 207

Senior League, Nov. 10

Women’s High Series: Bonnie Yingling, 429; Sharon Workman, 426; Sharon Eggleston, 420

Men’s High Series: Turner Jones, 461; Ron Kasper, 412; George Cassell, 346

Women’s High Game: Lynn McElroy, 145; Fay Patterson, 133

Men’s High Game: Allen Houston, 115

Trinity Pool League

After Week 3, Nov. 15

Rock Slide    38

Tangle Blue I    33

Diggins II    32

Tangle Blue III     29

Rock Slide I    29

Diggins I    28

Tangle Blue II    26

TAP    19

New York I    19

Tangle Blue IV    17

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