Bowling highlights

Trinity Lanes

Thursday Night Businessmen

Week 9, Nov. 5

High Scratch Series: Wayne LaFountain, 498; Ralph Wheeler, 489; Chris Eddy, 477

High Scratch Game: Chris Eddy, 189; Bill Healy, 189; Wayne LaFountain, 187

High Handicap Series: Chris Eddy, 585; Jonathan Duerst, 561; Fred Hays, 530

High Handicap Game: Chris Eddy, 225; Jonathan Duerst, 211; Roger Adrian, 194; Bill Healy, 194

Thursday Morning Ladies

Week 7, Nov. 5

High Scratch Series: Ginger Shaw, 490; Daphne Wetzel, 403; Jane Draper, 384

High Scratch Game: Lora Wheeler, 172; Teresa Gordon, 156; Liz Ritz, 140

High Handicap Series: Angela Adrian, 628; Sharon Braxton, 628, Kathy Fox, 585

High Handicap Game: Mary Ellen Grigsby, 223; Nancie Locke, 209; Charlene Griffith, 206

Wednesday Night Adult

Week 7, Nov. 4

Men's High Scratch Series: Michael Carroll, 364; Jonathan Duerst, 360

Men's High Scratch Game: Jonathan Duerst, 151; Michael Carroll, 143

Men's High Handicap Series: Jonathan Duerst, 555; Michael Carroll, 496

Men's High Handicap Game: Jonathan Duerst, 216; Michael Carroll, 187

Women's High Scratch Series: Sis Curran, 460; Rhonda Miller, 448; Ashley Sommerfield, 431

Women's High Scratch Game: Rhonda Miller, 164; Sis Curran, 159; Ashley Sommerfield, 158

Women's High Handicap Series: Rhonda Miller, 586; Sis Curran, 565; Jenni Flint, 542

Women's High Handicap Game: Rhonda Miller, 210; Sis Curran, 194; Kari Bradford, 193; Jenni Flint, 193

Senior League, Nov. 3

Men’s Scratch Series: Ron Kasper, 479; Turner Jones, 425; Robert Treon, 371

Men’s Scratch Game: Terry Griffith, 136; George Cassell, 121; Allen Houston, 119

Women’s Scratch Series: Bonnie Yingling, 448; Charlene Griffith, 404; Lora Wheeler, 402

Women’s Scratch Game: Sharon Eggleston, 154; Fay Patterson, 138; Sharon Workman, 138; Lynn McElroy, 114


Trinity Pool League

After Week 2, Nov. 8

Rock Slide          27

Tangle Blue I     26

Tangle Blue III   20

Rock Slide I        20

Diggins II           18

Diggins I            17

Tangle Blue II    17

TAP                     15

Tangle Blue IV    10

New York I          10

After Week 1, Nov. 1

Rock Slide            15

Diggins I              11

Rock Slide I         11

Tangle Blue I       11

Tangle Blue III     11

Diggins II              7

Tangle Blue II       7

Tangle Blue IV      7

TAP                       7

New York I            3

Seeking Bigfoot info

Author Tom Morris has been studying Bigfoot for years.

Morris asks hikers and hunters that if any incidents involving Bigfoot come up, to notify him on his landline at 925-930-8123; send him an email at and put BIGFOOT in subject line; or send a report in to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization,

The organization has sightings in Trinity County dating back as far as the 1960s and into the 2000s. The most recent sighting in Trinity County was in 2009 at Big Bear Lake. In this sighting, a man claimed he encountered a strange animal outside of his tent while camping. The witness saw only a silhouette but smelled "a horrible animal stench.”

Also, check out the Tom Morris experience on YouTube.

Sportswriter sought

The Trinity Journal is seeking a freelance sportswriter to start Jan. 1 or soon thereafter.

The position would provide coverage of Trinity High School and/or Hayfork High School sporting events and may include other sports coverage and features, and some webpage work, depending on experience.

Photographic and/or video skills are helpful but not required. Print or other media experience helpful but not required.

This position could lead to a regular full- or near-fulltime position.

Interested parties should provide a letter of interest to Wayne Agner, editor and publisher, The Trinity Journal, P.O. Box 340, Weaverville, CA 96093-0340; by email to; or bring it by our office at 500 Main St., Weaverville.

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