Burl Richardson

Burl Richardson #14 leads Russ Newman #73 and Josh Michaels #48 in a Hobby Stock heat race.

It's been a few weeks since the last race at Mountain Valley Raceway in Hayfork, but there's a big show on tap for this Saturday night. This will be the annual Fourth Of July celebration, which will include a big fireworks display. The Hobby Stocks will be back to compete along with the Mini Stocks, B Modifieds and Enduro cars.

Track officials were happy to announce that there will be increased prize money in the Hobby Stock and Mini Stock divisions this Saturday night. Both divisions will be racing for $500 to win, $300 for second and $200 for third. That kind of prize money is sure to make the racing more exciting.

Russ Newman continues to get the job done in the Hobby Stock ranks. Newman won the most recent Main Event, while Burl Richardson returned to the scene and picked up the Trophy Dash win earlier that evening. These two drivers are very competitive whenever they're on the track and are always tough to

beat. Some of the racers to watch for this week include one-time feature winner Tressen Smith, Isaac Kephart, Josh Michaels and Mikey Ruth.

William Young and Joey Young have been recent winners in the highly-competitive Mini Stock class. The division continues to grow with some great competitors making the show that much more fun to watch. Ian Thulin has been fast in his truck this year as has Tony Quinones. Other stars of the Mini Stocks include Larry Richardson, Ricky Berry and Jack Turner.

Patrick Solometo loosened the grip Tressen Smith had on the B Modified class by winning the most recent Main Event. Smith, Solometo and Joe Short have been giving the fans a show as the Speedway continues to try to grow this class.

A night of racing at Hayfork isn't complete until the track gets watered and the wild and crazy Enduro cars are turned loose for the fans to enjoy. Most recently, Jeff Drake scored the feature victory. Bryan Gummerus has been the man to beat so far this year, and he will certainly be tough to beat this week. Other stars in the class include William Young and JD Hudman.

Not only will the fans get to watch some great racing, but the fireworks display will be icing on the cake. It's going to be a good time to be at the track this Saturday night. For further information, go to the Mountain Valley Raceway Facebook page.

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