Bowling highlights

Trinity Lanes

Thursday Night Businessmen, Week 22, Feb. 7

High Scratch Series: Joe Rogaski, 562; Tim Ritchey, 556; Wayne LaFountain, 540

High Scratch Games: Tim Ritchey, 225; Dan Harwood, 219; Joe Rogaski, 214

High Handicap Series: Joe Rogaski, 619; Kyle DeJulio, 605; Tim Ritchey, 601

High Handicap Games: Tim Ritchey, 240; Dan Harwood, 237; Louie Avila, 234

Thursday Morning Ladies, Feb. 7

High Scratch Series: Carmaleta Bramlett, 502; Sharon Workman, 467; Ginger Shaw, 403

High Scratch Game: Teresa Gordon, 190; Sunny DeCastro, 174; Lora Wheeler, 169

High Handicap Series: Daphne Wetzel, 624; Lynn McElroy, 604; Becky Obester, 596

High Handicap Game: Judy Lorenz, 229; Bonnie Yingling, 222; Lisa Floyd, 221; Kathy Weiner, 221

Wednesday Night Mixed, Feb. 6

Men’s Scratch Series: M. Winn, 565; John Morgan, 370

Men’s Scratch Game: Dony Morris, 211; M. Carroll, 125

Men’s Handicap Series: Willard Waterhouse, 653

Men’s Handicap Game: Allen Houston, 206

Women’s Scratch Series: Beverly Wilson, 502; Sis Curran, 415; Rhonda Miller, 376

Women’s Scratch Game: Sunny DeCastro, 173; Marilyn Marlin, 151; Trisha Endy, 123

Women’s Handicap Series: Karen Zemaitis, 673; Brenda Houston, 642

Women’s Handicap Game: Fay Patterson, 240; Nancie Locke, 209

Senior League, Feb. 5

Men’s Scratch Series: Dony Morris, 472; Turner Jones, 417; Robert Treon, 406

Men’s Scratch Game: Terry Griffith, 160; Willard Waterhouse, 159; George Cassell, 149

Women’s Scratch Series: Fay Patterson, 447; Sharon Workman, 433; Lynn McElroy, 385

Women’s Scratch Game: Cathy Chaney, 165; Judy Lorenz, 159; Sunny DeCastro, 155

Trinity Pool League

Tangle Blue V    159

Tangle Blue III   151

Tangle Blue II    143

New York I        141

TAP                  132

Diggins I          126

Tangle Blue I     125

Diggins II         109

Boozehounds   103

Tangle Blue IV   100

New York II        97

Moose I             82

First aid classes scheduled

These first aid classes are being presented next month at Trinity Dance & Fitness Studios, 10 Nugget Lane, Weaverville.

► Adult & Pediatric CPR AED/1st Aid American Red Cross Live Skills Certification, w/Blood-Borne Pathogens & Epi Pen. March 1, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Blended Learning Participants attend 1 to 4 p.m.)

This class may be used as the CPR prerequisite for Wilderness 1st Aid Certification March 2-3.

► Wilderness and Remote 1st Aid Certification Course (American Red Cross) March 2-3, current CPR certification required.

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