Boulder Lake

Maya McIntosh is pictured standing on the shore of Boulder Lake. (Another backpacker is sitting.)

Third in a series of Ascend remembrances

I was pretty nervous and intimidated to be hiking with girls 12-14 years old, since I only just turned 11. There were many different kinds of sights and forests, varying from oak and pine forests, which opens up to wide meadows blooming with wildflowers, which leads to a beautiful silent lake.

The next day, we had our crazy day hike where we got to travel to the mountain peak overlooking the lake. When we got to the top, since we were so high up, the lake looked like the size of a car. It was still one of the most crazy and scariest things I have ever done in my  life.

It took us about three hours to get back to the campsite, traveling through mosquito-infested waters (though we got to see cool fish jump out of the water). It was an amazing sight! This was truly a wonderful trip and I think and hope every kid should experience and enjoy this hiking trip with Ascend Wilderness.

Applications for the 2020 day hikes and backpacking trips for youth to explore the Trinity Alps with Ascend Wilderness Experience are now available.

All trips are co-ed, are organized by age group, and include eight youth participants and two adult Ascend Wilderness Experience guides with all food, gear, transportation and training provided at no cost.

Day hikes will take place between June 29 and July 10. The day hike program is open to youth as young as 6 years old. Backpack trips for ages 9-11 are offered July 14-16 and July 21-23; and trips for ages 12-14 are offered July 13-17 and July 20-24 (Leadership Training Trip). Youth interested in a mentorship experience are invited to apply to go on a trip with a younger age group.

Visit or call 739-1177.

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