Six Trinity County women competed in the Oregon 12- and 24-hour mountain bike races and the WEMBO 24-hour solo mountain bike race held July 10-11 at Wanoga Snow Park near Bend, Ore. There were approximately 350 participants in the event, with the Trinity County group placing in each of their respective categories.  

Sally Cousins of Weaverville placed first in her age group in the 12-hour solo race, as well as second place of all 12-hour solo female racers, with 10 laps completed in 12:38:19.

Jennifer Durkin of Weaverville placed first in her age group, sixth overall, in the WEMBO 24-hour solo race with 12 laps in 25:15:57, riding all through the day and night.

The Weaver Basin Mountain Goats --  Jean Morton (Junction City), Ingra Smith (Douglas City), Angela Gutermuth (Weaverville) and Polly Chapman-Brady (Weaverville) -- took third place in the 24-hour four-person team event, completing their 20 laps in 25:11:11.

Each lap was 11 miles of mostly single track trails and 850 feet of climbing per lap. The daytime temperature was a high of 93 degrees and the nighttime low was around 39 degrees.  

The Trinity County racers all trained for the event on the Weaver Basin Trail System in Weaverville.

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