Under cloudy skies and with a cold breeze blowing, Trinity and Fall River high school and middle-school cross-country runners gathered Friday afternoon for the schools’ first formal competition since the COVID-19 pandemic wiped out sports schedules throughout California.

Held at the Trinity Alps Golf Course in Weaverville, the athletes displayed a mix of excitement to be competing again, and the rust of a long layoff.

High school boys — 1.96 miles

Trinity fielded nine runners to Fall River’s five, but it was Fall River’s Branden Taylor who finished first in 10:58.

Trinity places, times include:

2. Scott Rupp, 11:07

4. Holden Navarro, 11:27

5. Alex McIntosh, 11:49

6. Kenny Rupp, 12:14

7. Anthony Rist, 12:37

10. ChangZong Lee, 13:28

11. Michael Hamman, 13:31

12. Nathan Rupp, 15:06

13. Jasper Hedrick-Moore, 16:32

High school girls — 1.96 miles

Fall River runners outnumbered Trinity runners 8-2 and took the first three places.

Trinity places, times include:

4. Josephine Brookins, 15:07

6. Dagan Fox, 16:36

Middle school boys — 0.98 of a mile

Weaverville Elementary/TPA places, times include:

1. Jackson Poburko, 5:30

2. Kenny Plew, 5:33

3. Wayne Woodman, 5:47

4. Valen vonMilan, 6:39

6. Ryker Robles, 8:14

7. Gabe Manybanseng, 10:00

8. Gavin Lynn, 11:45

Middle school girls — 0.98 of a mile

Weaverville Elementary/TPA places, times include:

2. Claire Cox, 6:44

3. Gayle Blackwell, 9:15

4. Madi Scribner, 9:26

5. Daisy Graham, 11:31

6. Emily Sprague, 11:37

7. Maggie Dobbs, 12:52

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