Faith Miller

The 2020 Trinity High School Sports Hall of Fame selections that will be honored at the fall Hall of Fame Dinner-Program are seven men and five women, along with Trinity’s first section championship basketball team of 2010-11 and Trinity’s renown archer.

The inductees are usually announced during Trinity’s annual Alumni in the Park celebration but due to cancellation of July 4 activities the committee is releasing those names now.  

The dinner is supposed to occur Saturday, Oct. 10, the day after the Wolves’ homecoming football game against Modoc.  

“We may need to reschedule our program to a later date but at this time we are putting together our program,” one organizer said.

Men inductees include Dick Blevins, 1964; Steve Cato, 1968; Jeff Malloy, 1978; Lucas Large, 2001; Pat Cahill, 2004; Ben Cox, 2005; and Justin Jeangerard, 2010.

Women inductees are Teresa Ferguson, 1985; Mary Curran, 2001; Tori Gervais, 2002; Hannah Larson, 2005; and Faith Miller, 2020 special recognition in archery.

Team honors go to the 2010-11 Northern Section championship basketball team that went 27-3. Head coach was Jaime Green, assistant coaches were Bob Jeangerard and Tom Waltz, with junior varsity coach Merritt Goodyear.

Team members on the roster included Trever Martin, Shawn Wills, Tyler Robison, Austin Weinzer, Dakota Hayward, Brandon Deatley, Justin Adair, Kean Everest, Ben Cody, Luke Curran, Justin Jeangearard, Kenny Swain, Cody Higgins, Mitchell Yates and Cole Whaley.

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