CFGC seeks simplification

of inland sport fishing rules

A notice of proposed regulations concerning the simplification of inland sport fishing has been posted to the California Fish and Game Commission’s website.

The notice and associated documents can be accessed at

Please refer to the notice for additional information.


TAGA results

Trinity Alps Golf Course, July 17

1st: Del Senter, 55

2nd: Alan Guggia, 60

3rd: Don Woodworth, 62

Closest to the pin (#2):

Art Tenneson  2’1½”

Researcher seeks Bigfoot info from hikers, hunters

Author Tom Morris has been studying Bigfoot for years. Morris asks hikers and hunters that if any incidents involving Bigfoot come up, to notify him on his landline at 925-930-8123; send him an email at and put BIGFOOT in subject line; or send a report in to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization,

There are organizations set on collecting real information, sightings and stories about Bigfoot. One such organization is the Bigfoot Field Research Organization.

Founded in 1995, BFRO claims to be “the only scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery.”

The organization has sightings in Trinity County dating back as far as the 1960s and into the 2000s. The most recent sighting in Trinity County was in 2009 at Big Bear Lake.

In this sighting, a man claimed he encountered a strange animal outside of his tent while camping. The witness saw only a silhouette but smelled “a horrible animal stench."