Little League meeting Tuesday

Trinity Little League will be having its annual general membership meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the Trinity County Brewing Company. The meeting is open to the public and people looking to volunteer and help out are encouraged to attend. There will be a limited number of seats available so please contact league president Emil Mason at 784-3889 if you wish to attend. This meeting is to elect the 2021 Board of Directors.

Bowling Highlights

Trinity Lanes

Thursday Night Businessmen

Week 5, Oct. 8

High Scratch Series: Scott Johnston, 631; Ralph Wheeler, 571; Mike MacLaren, 568

High Scratch Game: Ralph Wheeler, 224; Scott Johnston, 207; Mike MacLaren, 206

High Handicap Series: Mike MacLaren, 571; Ralph Wheeler, 571; Roger Adrian, 556

High Handicap Game: Ralph Wheeler, 224; Mike MacLaren, 207; Roger Adrian, 204

Thursday Morning Ladies

Week 3, Oct. 8

High Scratch Series: Lora Wheeler, 456; Ginger Shaw, 427; Teresa Gordon, 425

High Scratch Game: Liz Ritz, 162; Daphne Wetzel, 157; Kathy Weiner, 152

High Handicap Series: Sharon Braxton, 634; Mary Ellen Grigsby, 612; Barbara Rapinac, 605

High Handicap Game: Angela Adrian, 219; Linda Wright, 219; Lucy DeMaris, 205

Wednesday Night Adult

Week 3, Oct. 7

Men's High Scratch Series: Michael Carroll, 397; Jonathan Duerst, 390; Harry Contos, 329

Men's High Scratch Game: Harry Contos, 156; Michael Carroll, 151; Jonathan Duerst, 140

Women's High Scratch Series: Ashley Sommerfield, 452; Jenni Flint, 434; Vicki Froiland, 433

Women's High Scratch Game: Ashley Sommerfield, 166; Sis Curran, 160; Kari Bradford, 159

Senior League, Oct. 6

Men’s Scratch Series: Ron Kasper, 448; George Cassell, 368

Men’s Scratch Game: Robert Treon, 139; Allen Houston, 132

Women’s Scratch Series: Lora Wheeler, 479; Lynn McElroy, 340

Women’s Scratch Game: Sharon Workman, 165; Fay Patterson, 165; Nancie Locke, 133

Seeking Bigfoot info

Author Tom Morris has been studying Bigfoot for years. Morris asks hikers and hunters that if any incidents involving Bigfoot come up, to notify him on his landline at 925-930-8123; send him an email at and put BIGFOOT in subject line; or send a report in to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization,

The organization has sightings in Trinity County dating back as far as the 1960s and into the 2000s. The most recent sighting in Trinity County was in 2009 at Big Bear Lake.

Also, check out the Tom Morris experience on YouTube.

Sports Camps start up

The Weaverville/Douglas City Parks & Recreation District is pushing back the start of its sports camps for safety reasons. Camps will now run starting the week of Oct. 12 and run through the week of Nov. 9. District officials were to have contacted everyone with their check-in information for their first day of camp.

If you have any questions, call the district office at 623-5925. You may visit the district's website at and/or Facebook page for updates.