Fun Run start

Off and running to celebrate the 4th of July at the annual Fun Run on Thursday morning, some folks even brought their dogs along, below, for a brisk start to the Independence Day holiday.

The  4th of July Fun Run was nothing short of a great success, celebrated with great energy from nearly 80 runners/walkers bright and early last Thursday. Both the 2.5- and 5-mile courses were extremely hilly and tough trails to conquer. This fundraiser for THS sports was particularly valuable, in light of the challenges for THS sports seasons ahead with the facility adjustments required due to recent inspection reports which reveled mold.  

The coaches and administration are particularly grateful to all who are contributing to our youth in the notably challenging few years ahead. Great cool morning temperatures, helpful high-energy volunteers, and a beautiful setting all added to the success of this start to the 4th of July celebrations.

Age division winners, listed below, all received medals and Trinity gear (thanks to generous THS boosters), and all participants who traversed the challenging hilly courses definitely earned more than their fair share of pie and goodies that the day ahead provided.

2.5-mile course:


       Overall winner: Kenny Rupp (19:15)

       Under 13: 1st Taylor Butler (22:48); 2nd Nathan Rupp (33:54); 3rd Micah McGee (42:23)

       Age 13-19: 1st Kenny Rupp; 2nd Kyle Van Dine (37:44)

       Age 20-29: 1st Peter Winters (44:04)

       Age 30-39: 1st Carson Schardin (27:33)

       Age 40-49: 1st Joseph Florres (27:15)

       Age 50-59: 1st Bob Cunningham (21:38); 2nd Dan Rupp (41:57); 3rd Robert Fox

       Age 60-69: 1st Jeff Heston (47:20)



       Overall winner: Amy Jeschke (22:51)

       Age 13-19: 1st Dagan Fox (22:51); 2nd Riley Taylor (25:38); 3rd Dara Gaeuman (28:06)

       Age 20-29: 1st Isabella Kellor (27:30); 2nd Leah Groves (44:34); 3rd Shilo Martella (46:52)

       Age 30-39: 1st Amy Jeschke (22:51); 2nd Shannon Thompson (24:22); Jillian Maxwell (24:32)

       Age 40-49: 1st Stacey Yates (25:33); 2nd Luan Fox

       Age 50-59: 1st Jennifer Durkin (26:57); 2nd Peggy Crane (43:19); 3rd Amy Munger (43:19)

       Age 60-69: 1st Jean Morton (26:52); Kathy Seatina (34:26); 3rd Liz Ritz (37:11)

       Age 70-79: 1st Sandy Brodski (46:42)


5-mile course:


       Overall winner: Ben Harper (29:56*)

       Age 13-19: 1st Scott Rupp (44:23)

       Age 20-29: 1st Ben Harper (29:56*); 2nd Miles Blasey (38:56); 3rd Patrick Johnson (41:09)

       Age 30-39: 1st Matthew Butler (38 :34); Matt Pestoni (46:46); Josh Hamilton (49:12)

       Age 50-59: 1st Mark Munger (51:31)

       Age 60-69: 1st Jeff Heston (47:20)



       Overall winner: Lauren Harper (41:43*)

       Age 13-19: 1st Lauren Harper (41:43*)

       Age 20-29: 1st Kate Sjoberg (52:36)

       Age 30-39: 1st Ella Price (46:17); 2nd Kayre Ryberg (54:10); Alyssa Keyes (61:42)

       Age 40-49: 1st Amber Bowers (47:07); 2nd Sadie Alves (49:14); 3rd Roberta Friar (59:47)

       Age 50-59: 1st Nina Keller (60:10)


*course record