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150 YEARS AGO | Saturday, Sept. 29, 1866

David Hinds and family, old residents of Weaverville, started for the lower country last Monday, intending to settle in Santa Cruz County, or go East to permanently locate. Mr. Hinds was proprietor of the St. Charles Hotel in this place for nearly eight years but never rebuilt it after the fire of 1863. The well-wishes of the whole community go with them.

There came near being a serious accident in the rear of the drug store last Tuesday. Geo. E. Noonan and C.W. Craig were endeavoring to fill a bottle from a carboy burst, the glass being thin and totally unfitted for the purpose. When we say that both had their pantaloons burned off from about the point where the vest stops, and in a jiffy, too, the reader will readily acknowledge that it was a lucky escape. The loss in acid was about $75; in clothing, about $50.

Among a lot of New River dust sold at Greenhood & Newbauer’s last Monday, we noticed one piece weighing 8 ounces.

We regret to hear that there has been an unusual number of cases of sickness at Trinity Center the present season, although no deaths have occurred, and most of the cases are nearly convalescent now. Fever and ague prevailed there to a greater or lesser extent for several years but this season the disease has assumed more of the type of mountain fever. There have also been quite a number of cases of chills and fever at Grass Valley within two months.

125 YEARS AGO | Saturday, Dec. 5, 1891

The Sunday School building is completed as far as the carpenter work is concerned. The painting has not yet been finished, but we are informed that the building is in a condition to be occupied. It is a fine building and all the work has been faithfully done. Mr. Jackson even did more than the contract called for and we can see no cause for complaint. (Note: This is the same building occupied by Trinity Congregational Church today.)