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The Trinity Journal account of the TAA lawsuit this past week did not put the most recent development in a proper context. It implied the coun…

Judge Michael B. Harper imposed the maximum prison sentence of 11 years for Jessica Chase, arrested in 2018 for the shooting death of Edmundo …

Kenneth C. Baldwin failed to mention in his political rhetoric a key component to our current fire conditions in our national forests. Let’s g…

Part two in a series

A plaintiff filing under the name “John Doe” has sued Trinity County, saying the urgency ordinance county supervisors recently adopted laying out the rules for commercial growing of medical marijuana unfairly cut him out.

In a declaration filed at the Trinity County Courthouse, the plaintiff acknowledges that John Doe is a fictitious name he’s using because his participation in the lawsuit requires he admit “an ongoing intention to participate in activities that are illegal under the County’s Urgency Ordinance.”

“I fear either criminal prosecution or summary abatement as a result,” Doe states.