Support your child’s teacher. They aren’t babysitters. They’re educators. Your child is there to learn. That’s their job. No excuses.

Your child’s teacher wants to teach. But that doesn’t mean giving out undeserved grades, or putting up with attitudes.

You can help and support your child’s teacher by preparing your child to see education as important and worthwhile, respecting adults, being accountable for their actions including doing homework, being prepared for class each day, listening well, and understanding they are responsible to ask when they don’t understand and listen to the answer.

One more thing … teachers are humans, too. They have lives just like you. Families that need them, bills to pay, and a need to have restorative time.

Time they spend outside of the classroom preparing lessons, going to meetings, taking students on field trips or other activities, preparing students for competitions and other extra activities is time away from their kids, their spouses, their friends and families.

So, if you want your child to get a great education then understand it’s not just the teacher’s responsibility. Parents, students, teachers and community all have a job to do.

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