Thank you, Stephanie Kormeier, for challenging Mark Medinnus’ interpretation of data to support his opposition to California’s newest (but certainly not only) vaccine mandate for public school students. Medinnus’ letter illustrates the dangers of both “research” by those not trained to conduct it accurately and objectively, and cherry-picking findings to reinforce a pre-existing bias. I’ll take Ms. Kormeier’s challenge a bit further.

The original letter seriously mischaracterized the data cited, and neglected to consider important factors in comparing likely complication rates among school-aged children and adults. Older adults typically have pre-existing health conditions that make them far more likely to die during a given time frame than 5- to 18-year-olds, who are typically in peak health. This is true regardless of vaccination status, so the comparison is clearly invalid. Assuming fatality rates among the adult population will equate to children and adolescents just doesn’t hold up.

Another glaring omission in Medinnus’ letter is the failure to compare fatality rates based on vaccination status. As of Oct. 25, 2021, CDC reported that among Americans with COVID-19 infections, unvaccinated Americans are 12 times more likely to die. Evidence shows even incomplete vaccination series offer protection against illness, hospitalization and death.

My plea to my friends and neighbors is this:

1. Don’t rely on your own research unless you’re qualified to conduct it and have valid source data.

2. Don’t place confidence in those who have disregarded #1 above.

3. If you’re reluctant to be vaccinated, ask your doctor or health care provider for their advice. Not your neighbor or social media groups. According to the AMA, 19 out of 20 practicing physicians were vaccinated by June 2021.

Professional credentials:

MICP (Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic)

NHDP (National Healthcare Disaster Professional)

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Truth First

For one thing, the AMA can no more be trusted now than the CDC. They're all corrupt entities who've lied to us repeatedly. Blind faith in what passes for "scientists" these days can spell doom for you and your family. You've been warned.

Second, when it comes to the reliability of all the facts and figures about the Fauci Virus, including the supposedly impressive data, numbers, percentages etc. that get thrown around, all designed to keep you eating at the trough and stop asking questions, the rule of thumb is just like the weather in parts of northern California. Just wait a few minutes.

Trinity Bob

So EVERYONE is lying except for you. Thank you for sharing your hard-earned credentials and vast expertise on this and every other subject under the sun. I guess we should just declare you God and bow down before you.

Many of us have had quite enough of YOUR lies, TF. Your blind faith in uninformed non-scientists is baffling, but we expect nothing different from your wee little mind—daily.

Please enlarge your vocabulary. "Lies," "idiots," "scumbags," "corrupt entities" ... jeez, it's quite a bore.

One last thought for now: There are far many more reasonable and intelligent people in this county than there are of intentionally ignorant people such as yourself. But keep on spewing. Anger needs an outlet or it will blow a gasket.

Truth First

Sorry, Larry, but you don't get to have it both ways. Saying people should not take actions to protect their own health, never mind their own autonomy, unless they're somehow qualified as an "expert" on the subject at hand can be translated as "Stop resisting. Don't

ask questions. Just do as you're told." Well, maybe in North Korea, where you'd be more at home. But not here in (still, so far) the freest country in the world. You can take that surrender attitude back to France, or wherever your ancestry traces. Cuz we here in Patriotland, we're gonna keep fighting for our freedom. We have to. The empty-headed socialistas are determined to steal it, daily. Good gd luck, commies.

Trinity Bob

It seems Mr. Masterman's arguments went right over your head, TF, as if you actually understood and considered them, but we all know better than to think that you did.

No one wants to take away your precious patriot freedoms. You can be as free and ignorant as you want to be. We all have that right. Have at it (as if you needed any encouragement).

As for telling ANYONE to go back to where they came from, unless you are an indigenous American, one might say the same to you. None of us really belong here, unless you consider theft of other people's lands legitimate. The rest of us freedom-loving patriotic Americans would be much happier without your constant grumbling and negativity.

And if mucking up society (How much fun it is to upset the libs!) is your great thrill in life, your life is even sadder and more empty than I'd imagined. Why don't you go out and engage in the Pursuit of Happiness?

Cheer up, dude! We're not enemies.

Megan Killeen

This is seriously some of the stupidest garbage I’ve ever seen you write. You are not a smart person, you are a petulant brat masquerading as an adult, pissing and moaning and whining. Socialism means access to medicine and education. What you are advocating for—dangerous and unfettered freedom without regard for public health and the welfare of others—is called ANARCHY. You are a deranged, dangerous anarchist who has more than once threatened gun violence against your own neighbors. I’d say we should put you down like a rabid dog, but you’re a human being with full rights. So instead, I’ll just lambast you as often as possible for your willful stupidity. The least you deserve is hurt feelings.

Truth First

Here's some more data for you, Sir Lawrence.: The demented stumblebum occupying the oval office is about to make the poisonous vaccine mandatory for most (eventually, all) workers, this at a time when the nation is apparently coming back down (once again) from worst peaks of the virus and eliminating many of the Draconian restrictions. Even our county no longer requires face diapers now. Seems incongruous, doesn't it, Larry? Well shut up. Don't you dare ask questions now. The Age Of Logic is over! Embrace The Great Reset, or else.

Also, our hearts go out to all the heart attack victims at that Houston rap concert yesterday. Never mind that riots and stampedes have never caused cardiac arrest in the history of, like, ever, as it apparently has in nearly every single one of those poor victims. But don't you dare wonder aloud how many of the dead and hospitalized previously received the vaccine. And don't even think about trying to establish cause and effect. No questions, I said!

Megan Killeen

I just want to say that if TF had a legitimate name, I wouldn't dare refer to him/her as stupid. Humans deserve respect. I lash out at TF is because they are an anonymous provocateur who specifically, consistently targets me and my writing, and who risks nothing to their reputation by spreading lies. If a person wants to behave like a nameless, faceless jerk, I think they should be addressed as such. I feel zero obligation to be kind to someone who conducts themself in this way.

That being said, when I use the term "stupid" I very specifically mean people who hurt themselves and hurt others at the same time. Carlo Cipolla defined intelligent people as those who help and bring gains to others while they help and bring gains to themselves. A helpless person is one who brings gains to others and losses to themselves. A bandit is one who brings gains to themselves while causing losses for others. Again, a stupid person is one who brings losses to themselves and others.

It's a special kind of person who would have the option to receive free, life-saving medical care and then scream "OPPRESSION"!

Vaccines are several hundred years old and allowed the human population to boom by making us impervious to certain diseases. The technology of mRNA is simply to give our immune system the message: "Look out for this spike protein, and if you encounter it, attack!"

But these particular folk tend to be the same illogical grievers who fly "Don't Tread on Me" flags and thin blue line flags at the same time. Like... the police ARE the government treading on you. Do you not understand that? How can you be pro-police state and pro-unfettered individual freedom and escape cognitive dissonance? You can't.

It's clear, TF, that you didn't pass high school U.S. history from your lack of understanding our foreign trade policy, and it's also very clear that you do not understand how to interpret data. You do nothing but embarrass yourself every time you type, bringing losses to yourself because you simply can't act otherwise. You're also bringing losses to everyone else by mucking up public health and promoting the spread of deadly disease. Between you being pro-plague and pro-global warming, I find you to be one of the biggest threats to children and the safety of children that I know, even though I don't have your name.

It's so sad that you think, because you scream so loudly, you make valid points. You don't. You never do. You claim you are oppressed and everyone else is wrong, regurgitating the same narratives drilled into your head by the media you consume, and you have NO DATA to back up your claims. You offer no links, no evidence, no proof. You have fictitious equations that lead to false conclusions and the gall to act like your viewpoints are worth the same as those of the world's most brilliant minds. Your lack of self-awareness is astounding.

Thank you, TF, for serving as an example of the least ideal kind of person someone might grow up to be: lonely, lying, and misinformed, no friends, no hobbies, and no empathy, not even for yourself.

I hope you get the assistance and sense of community you need. I hope you connect with people over shared interests so that you can make friends, share stories, and nurture your soul. I hope you decide to volunteer at the senior center, or at the food bank. I hope you find purpose and meaning in your life beyond spreading conspiracy theories and lies in the comments section of your local newspaper. You're better than this. Your time could be much better spent.


Ordinarily I might have been tempted to respond to TF's rants, but I'm content to rest secure in the knowledge that others have expressed their own challenges already. No matter how often or emphatically vitriol is expressed, it remains vitriol. Some may be persuaded by it, but most have the faculties to see it for what it is.

Keep well, friends and neighbors. Follow the science.

Truth First

Fine points, everyone. Well played....

uh,...BTW, has anybody heard from our oily, snarling governor, Mr. Newsom, lately? Haven't seen him since his booster shot last month. Starting to worry. I'd really like to get his take on this issue...once he regains consciousness.

Yes, do indeed follow the science, friends. Just not over the cliff.

And if discussions are won or lost based solely on excess verbiage, then I guess I have to concede. But only on that.


Trinity Bob

Well, TF, since you know everything about everything, we were counting on you to reveal what's actually going on with our good governor. Despite his request for privacy, since respect is not one of your virtues, I'm sure you have burrowed right in and know the true inside info, right? Something beyond that he's "unconscious."

Please do not leave us hanging, oh omniscient one.

Truth First

Yeah, L.M., I notice that whole “cherry-picking findings to reinforce a pre-existing bias” thing has really been going around lately, coming from all sides. Even people with questionable college degrees and alphabet soup after their names tend to fall back on that one a lot, just as much as the average Joes and Janes, like clueless lapdogs who eagerly nod along to anything dictated to them by the regime.

Thankfully, more and more information is coming out that is revealing this massive con game perpetrated by the globalists to be exactly what some of us have already figured it out to be: a worldwide human control cluster-hump that's only destroying lives. Just like it was designed to do, no accident. This so-called Great Reset is nothing short of evil, and must be resisted at all cost.

At any other time in world history these revelations would have been dismissed as crackpot lunacy by nearly everyone. But now, it's the few remaining doubters, those who lack critical thinking skills and fail to see the pattern of (mis)behavior right in front of them, who are the real extremist loons. So adorable aren't they? With their silly masks and vax cards at the ready, scorning anyone who comes within six feet of their precious little selves, dutifully staying home when told to do so, and bidding adieu little-by-little to the freedoms their ancestors fought and died to guarantee them. How is it that we've come to this?

So very sad that these easily-led lemmings are unable to swallow their pride enough to admit that they've been duped. It's a bitter pill to be sure. But like the Tuskegee Experiments, COINTEL-PRO and the Business Plan, this massive conspiracy fact (not theory) will be known to all soon enough. Some of us are working to see to it.

There's your good news. Now Let's Go Brandon!!!

Trinity Bob

"Thankfully, more and more information is coming out ..."

Oh, yes. We've heard that song before. It's just like the one about how the Maricopa County audit (along with all the others) is going to show that DJT actually won in 2020. Were the Cyber Ninjas part of the deep state too, TF? Holy Moley, where do the conspiracy theories end? And when they're proven false, why do you not change your mind instead of clinging to yet another new one?

You ridicule most everyone, but it seems you never look within.

"Now Let's Go Brandon!!!"

Oh, how clever. Where on earth did you come up with that? I know where.

You, sir, are a follower. Everything you say is just a repeat of those you follow unquestioningly. Got any original thoughts in that head of yours, other than paraquating or flame-throwing your neighbors' cannabis?

Would love to hear something—anything—positive from you. Thanking you in advance.

Megan Killeen

It’s a sick mind that would LIE about children being trampled to death to push their agenda. The victims of the Travis Scott concert surge were 14-27 years old and they died by having people step on them, crushing their chest cavities and suffocating them. They did NOT DIE from heart attacks, you sick LIAR. We don’t even know they had been vaccinated, you just can’t stop lying. Lying is a CHOICE, not an identity and not a personality trait.

The only point upon which we agree is that bodily autonomy is a sacred, inalienable right. I think people should take the vaccine because it is safe and effective, but I respect the right of individuals to refuse medical treatment as they see fit.

TF, you readily agree with folks who have letters after their name if they say what YOU want to hear, but turn around and distrust anyone else who also has letters after their name who says things that cause you cognitive discomfort because... you’re factually wrong and constantly lying.

If you presented actual fair points with valid evidence, I would gladly engage you in a civil manner. As it stands, my rabid dog comment was out of line and I apologize for it. All the same, I think your dangerous and I think the fact that you lie constantly is telling of a mental disorder.

I don’t mean you harm, TF. Quite the opposite. I hope you make friends and find better, happier uses of your time. If you present evidence, I will consider it. But if you lie and insult, I have no shortage of choice words and messages for you. You wanna tango? Great, I’m a superb dancer. Let’s go.


Thanks all for providing Jerry Springer like entertainment in the online comment section of a small local newspaper.

Y'all are hilarious.

Trinity Bob

Glad you're entertained, MJ.

It feels good to laugh and sometimes we really need it!

Truth First

BREAKING NEWS (and wind!) This just in: Stinky Joe just crapped himself again. While showering with Ashley. As Hunter got a "foot massage" during a cracked-out hooker binge. That's one f'd up family.

The best part, though: “Doctor” Jill's streetwalker fishnets. So classy.


Trinity Bob

A scatological examination of your commenting excrement reveals a diet of lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories, conjured nightmares, and gullibility.

TF, may I respectfully suggest an immediate switch to healthier eating habits to include multiple reliable sources and eliminating lies and falsehoods completely?

Truth First

Larry, another tidbit now known about the people who've instituted these global mandates, lockdowns, etc. is that they share some common qualities with certain folks who've invaded our forests here in the north state, namely the infestation of ugly, skid row growers (“legal” or not) who've destroyed the environment for their personal gain, and, in particular, all the loafers-light Bay Area bathhouse transplants who defend them and support their rapacious efforts here: a wicked bent towards pedophilia, one and all.

That's right. These people—many of them single men who live alone—are after our children, first to indoctrinate them with CRT and pornography in the schools, then to forcibly vaccinate them thereby endangering their lives, then ultimately having their way with them, Biden-style.

They will persevere only so long as we allow them to do so. Their time is almost up.



A last post from me to clarify one thing: I haven't resisted responding to TF because I'm swayed by their arguments, but because I recognize the folly of trying to reason with those for whom reason is beyond their capacity.

In our youth my sister enjoyed playing with troll dolls. I never bothered with trolls then, and am not about to start now.

Truth First

Oh, hey man—None of this was targeted at you. It's bueno. We're all friends here.

You made some points in your letter I had to respond to, that's all, and I was just trying to have a conversation, you and I, about peripheral things mainly. You were addressed by name solely cuz you're the letter writer, not as the accused or anything. Nothing personal there.

You can also forget the climate cupcake and her effete lapdog. I'm getting a little tired of pwning them as it is. lol

Keep fighting the mandates, brother. Peace.

Trinity Bob

"the climate cupcake and her effete lapdog"

I do believe that's the nicest, kindest thing you've ever said to or about anyone, TF.

You turning over a new leaf?

Truth First

It's high time we also discuss the increased rates of cardiac arrest in the fully vaccinated, and other medical complications, including more mysterious deaths lately than the news media are reporting, a lot more.

Politicians do not know more about your health needs than you do, L.M. This is why we must take on these mandates full force, no matter what you might believe about the efficacy of this brand new, largely untested and fully problematic "vaccine." Period.

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