And when we get behind closed doors!

Ever wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of the Planning Department. I’ll tell you. Shady commercial cannabis permits. That’s right, issued in the middle of the night out of thin air, hocus pocus it’s approved.

That’s what’s happened in the Mountain View Subdivision in Lewiston. The applicant who already had been denied a permit, only to be cited later for an illegal grow, along with the overwhelming protest from the residents and still their permit was approved. Really!

How does the power-hungry few override the wishes of the almost entire subdivision? All for tax dollars … yeah right. It spews crookedness. If it’s to be the legitimate business, then it should have complete transparency.

This type of behind-closed-doors approval should lead to investigation for both the Planning Department and Board of Supervisors.

There is plenty of acreage in this county to grow commercial cannabis without bringing it into our residential areas. I hear people say they are just farmers, it’s just another crop. Radio commercials encouraging all farmers should get on board and support one another.

Yet, I’ve never heard of a tomato farm being held up at gunpoint and its workers all tied up, or guard dogs roaming the zucchini fields.

What smells foul usually is foul and this stinks to high heaven.

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