Dear Lu Anne Garland and Friends of Wildwood.

I too live on Wildwood Road and Hayfork Creek 17 miles down the creek from you. I get to see the trash, garbage and pollution firsthand.

My sympathies go out to you, but it’s time to give in to the drug dealers. The past and present rulers of Trinity County have apparently been bought by the drug cartel.

Your town, just like all others, except Weaverville, have been sold.

You will notice your entire town is nothing but pot grows, but you can’t even see a plant in Weaverville. You never will. There is where the money goes to save Trinity County.

In an effort to impress us, the state gave us $300,000 to fight illegal pot. That’s enough to buy one cop car and hire 2 cops. They can plan a raid in about 1-2 weeks. Pull it off and fill out all the paperwork in 1-2 more. At that rate everything will be straightened out in about 300 years.

When supervisors brag of attending lavish $63,000 parties, thrown by 150 growers, us peons have been kicked into the ditch.

For 6-7 years I reported every illegal grow, water theft, water pollution, poaching, sewage on the ground, everything. Only once was anything done.

If you live in a tent and grow pot you need to buy a porta-potty. You don’t have to use it, just have it.

I recall a rule saying no grow was to be visible from a public traveled road. What a joke. By me, Nelson Road that once ran from Wildwood Road to Summit Creek Road, has now been taken over by growers. Blockaded and locked gates.

Sorry Lu Anne and Wildwood lovers. We no longer count. The flatlanders and criminals from over the world have purchased our little bit of heaven.

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Truth First

Well said, G.A. But please don't give up hope. And definitely don't give in to the scumbag growers, legal or not. Keep up the fight. Eternal vigilance, and all that. And rest assured that We The PissedOff People have unique and highly effective ways of getting our justice, when the politicians and courts can't or won't provide it.

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