I’ve finished Scott Carpenter’s “Truth Denied/the Sasquatch DNA Study” and I’ve found this important book to be full of much-needed information contrary to what the common rabble “knows” because they saw it on “the news” which is always correct (yeah, right!). They tell us the Equinoxes and Solstices are the beginnings of the seasons, contrary to astronomy and logic and what Pagans have always known.

 They tell us the Earth is melting/burning because of anthropogenic “climate change,” contrary to what actual science and history tells us about climate on a planet with an atmosphere. They tell us there’s only two political parties to choose from in electing politicians (not actual leaders) to guide us into the future ... etcetera ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

When the media proclaimed the Patterson/Gimlin film of a female Sasquatch a fake created by Hollywood special effects artists, the common rabble fell for it, even though in technical circles this film is viewed as the real thing and has been proved by those who matter to be genuine.

The Sasquatch DNA Study of 2012 was dissed by everyone who thought they mattered even before the study could be published, thereby ensuring it couldn’t be published. But the study eventually was published, and what it reveals is astonishing if one can simply follow the science and disregard the stupid media rabble-rousing.

The North American Sasquatch, proposed scientific nomenclature Homo sapiens cognatus (‘blood relative’), is a hybrid human with some unknown hominid which came into being around 15,000 years ago, the DNA originating somewhere in the Old World (Africa, Europe and/or Asia).

The mitochondrial DNA from the female parents is human, though not modern human but actually Cro-Magnon which were larger than modern humans, while the nuclear DNA is from an unknown hominid excepting Neanderthals and Denisovans, and most likely not Gigantopithecus blackii as a lot of Bigfoot “researchers” have proposed but which was very unlikely to have walked on two feet.

So long story short, Sasquatch is real, is human and not animal (they have been likened by people who tried to befriend them to autistic humans), and anyone who kills one is guilty of murder.

Don’t go looking for them because because they always see us first and they will decide to reveal themselves, or not – as far as they are concerned, there are no accidents in the forest.

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