Virtually none of us know, with certainty, at any point in time if we are COVID-19 contagious. Therefore without doubt we all should wear masks in public and observe social distancing. However, it appears that some folks who are obsessed solely with individual “rights” and “liberties,” without consideration of the public welfare, may need the following metaphor to fill in their blanks.

You are at liberty to play Russian Roulette, though the rest of us may bear the medical expenses if you lose and have bad aim. You are not at liberty to spin the revolver’s cylinder, aim at a crowd, and pull the trigger without knowing if the hammer will strike the live round. Get it?

Wear a mask in public and maintain social distancing!

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Trinity Bob

Dear John Letton,

You have hit the bull's-eye with your thoughtful and logical argument. To put it into terms that many of us around here will perhaps understand even better:

You may believe that gun you're waving around is unloaded, but you'd better not point it at me!

Wear your mask!

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