This letter is in response to that from Dean Athos in the Sep. 29 Journal, wherein he asks why we have no local dispensaries in our county.

Regardless of how one may feel personally about cannabis, because of the will of the majority of California voters, it is now legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Why must members of our community leave our community in order to buy cannabis? Why can we not compassionately make it available to those who face travel or other obstacles? Why cannot the county receive its share of tax revenue from cannabis retail sales?

Why can we not profit from the top-quality product our friends and neighbors can provide and for which Trinity County is renowned? Why do we force users to either travel or buy cannabis on the black market, both of which cause money to flow away from us instead of toward us?

I’m sure that Trinity County could use the money, and I’m confident our county could put that extra money to good use.

We’ve lost the timber industry, gold mining is basically done, fishing tourism is struggling, and here we are sitting on an emerald revenue stream just begging to be utilized, yet we let retail sales slip through our fingers.

In these uncertain economic times, perhaps we should consider allowing and supporting local retail businesses in this growing industry.

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Truth First

Such a naive author this poor letter is attached to. No innocent missive deserves a writer at this level of vacuous.

First, being “legal” doesn't mean taxpayers and property owners are required to tolerate the grotesque cannabastard market that's taken over here. Of course, they should oppose it with every ounce of their being instead, as all sensible residents do in point of fact. Most counties in Nevada don't allow prostitution, as this candyassed author was devastated to discover years ago, no doubt, and there's no reason Trinity can't finally give the finger to the Emerald A-holes too. Bring back Paraquat!

Now if only we could find five new Supes with some big brass ones who'd get on board with a widespread scorched earth campaign to level all these stinky, filthy green fields and start taxing/fining/penalizing the krap out their growers. We can dream, can't we?

People who live for nothing except to get high and who dwell in apartments, trailer parks and rented double wides down by the river can't understand, and are too selfish to even care, about the burden shouldered by property owners in this county, whose homes have witnessed obscene levels of devaluation by the evil grow operations, long before the environmentalism-caused wildfires and the Fauci Virus shutdowns ever reared their rapacious heads to do further damage, all while they, the honest hard-working taxpayers, have been left in the lurch. In some ways, this h-e-l-l only serves as a microcosm for what's been happening on a national level.

Worry not, fellow normals. The era of the ignorant, the crazy and the childish few—empty barrels one and all—will not last forever. We'll be taking back our nation again sooner rather than later. “That I can tell you” (in the words of the Real President).

Trinity Bob

Feeling especially nasty today, eh, TF? It must be awful to be you.


"and there's no reason Trinity can't finally give the finger to the Emerald A-holes too."

I can think of million$ of em.

Truth First

This misguided notion that our county is somehow bursting with money-making opportunities for anyone but the massive, illegal grow operations is a wishful thinking-based pipe dream. Get a clue: If local government could have reaped fortunes off weed by now, it would have started happening long ago. There are no forces standing in the way of that.

This only proves how right we in opposition to marijuana production have been all along. To wit, that the so-called Green Revolution that was supposed to come from legalization was nothing more than a house built on sand.

Of course, I'm really not that disappointed that not all of Nevada's counties are brothel-friendly; that was just a bit of self-deprecation. I swear. (But I do firmly stand by the self-label of candyass, and proudly so! lol) Still, I think that state's approach to legalization has been a real teaching moment we could learn a lot from here in the north state.

The lesson: dark money is the only thing that comes from wicked pursuits, legal or not. Sex is not inherently wicked, while most drugs have always been so. Some people will never learn.


The County has been raking in millions of legal dollars a year for a number of years now just through permit fees. Still haven't done a fee study to see if they're overcharging or not. Pretty convenient. Black market monies combined with legal dollars has more than doubled the property tax rolls and not sure what the sales tax windfalls have been from all of the grow stores as well as all of the other retail shops in the County but it is substantial.

Truth First

Any and all "profits", financial or not, that may come from the weed harvest here are vastly offset by the various and sundry costs we have seen and will incur. Not the least of these is property values being decimated. Our land is now worth less, by many calculations, and along with it, the quality of life here.

Just like how the regular ingesting of mind-altering substances causes irreparable harm to the human brain and body, so too the north state has suffered a form of self-imposed brain damage as a result of this infestation. We've reached newer lows with this scourge and we will never recover.

There's nothing the least bit honorable about it; we have nothing to be proud of for it. Trinity is not the Club Med for potheads; more like Skid Row with more trees.

Trinity Bob

I’d like to see the actual numbers from the Tax Assessor’s office regarding cannabis tax revenues vs. associated costs rather than supposition based on a subjective (and perhaps biased) opinion. As far as property values are concerned, please turn to page 16 and look at the real estate for sale. The prices range from $275K for a little cabin on 1.7 acres to a large home on nearly 30 acres asking $799K. This does not seem to indicate that property values have been “decimated.”

Perhaps now that the “white” market for cannabis is suffering due to oversupply, it may be that these inflated property prices will come back down to earth, but so far it doesn’t appear as if they have.

As a person who intends to live out the rest of my days right here on my own property, I could not care less about property values either way and, really, the only people affected would be those who are selling so they can move away.

Change is inevitable, and there are always some winners and some losers. That’s just the way of the world. Change happens, and we can deny it or we can try to channel changes in a direction that’s as beneficial as they can be.

I’m not in favor of “everybody must get stoned,” but I recognize that some people feel they benefit from cannabis use, and others don’t. (Side note: Some people believe they benefit from alcohol use, and some don’t. Nobody benefits from tobacco use, yet both are legally and conveniently sold right here. Some might even say they are a “scourge.”)

I believe the letter writer’s point is that whether county revenues vs. costs from cannabis break even or not, having tax-paying dispensaries would be one way to increase our county’s tax revenue.

Truth First

Marijuana is a mind-altering substance, one that has ushered in virtually all the major addictions we've seen in the past sixty years, culminating in the fentanyl scourge. As such it is inherently a scumbag endeavor, regardless of any benefits real or (pretty much totally) perceived. No respectable town, county or region should be associated with such wicked practices, even if someone is dumb enough to believe the pursuit of which is somehow harmless. It's not, of course.

We'll make our local revenues via the old ways, by taxing the krap out of property owners, and not by legitimizing scumbags.

The pot fields will burn. Their growers will suffer. We'll see to it.

Trinity Bob

I shared one of your previous comments with a friend of mine. Her response? What a pompous airbag!

Can't say I disagree.

Your final line, TF, sure sounds like a direct threat to our neighbors. But keep it carefully in mind that a lot of these cannabis-growing people you hate so much are strong supporters of the Second Amendment.

Perhaps you could contribute your unequalled and vastly superior knowledge and wisdom to attacking cigarette and alcohol sales with equal vengeance.

Personally, I think you've been watching "Reefer Madness" just a few too many times and it's affected your ability to think clearly.

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