I read with great interest in last week's Journal about the backlog of cases from 2019-20 that have piled up at the courthouse in Weaverville, and their intention there to soon resume jury trials again.

First of all; I question the legality of prosecuting people here who have obviously been denied a fair and “speedy” trial.

And secondly; where are you going to find a jury of people who will risk their lives at that Courthouse?

I got sick from that place the past three times that I visited there. And that was before the China virus!

But hey, I can offer a solution. The jury commissioner here needs to take a seat and have a coffee at the local grocery store right there in Weaverville. (And be sure to take a stack of jury summons with her.) She can hand them out to all those who enter that grocery store without wearing masks.  

I realize that most of these fools are idiots; but it seems they have no health concerns at all, and it doesn’t take a genius to question whether a defendant has received a fair and speedy trial.   

Next case.

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Trinity Bob

That is certainly a creative idea, Mr. Lindsay. Thank you. I see only one real drawback. If you or I were charged with a crime of which we were innocent, would we not want a jury of our intelligent peers to decide our guilt or innocence?

As you rightly point out, people who endanger those around them by refusing to follow mask-wearing regulations may not be the best determiners of whether or not someone broke the law.

I would prefer to have a jury composed of folks with at least SOME common sense and regard for their fellow citizens. Wouldn't you?

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