I miss the America of my youth, when we felt that our country was just and honest and that we should listen to the president whenever he spoke. We kids would gather around the TV with deep respect and reverence, and we’d pay attention to his every word, as children do.

Now, we need to tell our kids to NOT listen to the president’s ugly and vulgar words — words we’d never want our kids to say under any circumstance — yet here we are.

I miss the time when the president could console us after a mass murder in a church, a synagogue, a shopping center, the open streets, or a school.

I miss the time when the president spoke rarely and was always careful with his words.

I miss the time when the president respected all Americans — no matter who they were or where they were from.

I miss the time when the president built alliances with our friends and treated our enemies with suspicion.

I miss the time when the president looked out for us instead of himself.

I miss the time when I was proud of our president. That time is not now.

Is anyone else feeling like this too?

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There are many things I miss about the good old days. But unfortunately we cannot go back in time. We only have now and the future. The reality is the world we live in is much more complicated and with the advent of social media nothing is a secret anymore. It's like is there anything private or do we have to post every detail of one's life on Twitter? Also civility is out the window. Our president is not someone I agree with on many issues. However, he is the president of our great country. I respect him for it...... and I love this country. I am not going to pine for the good old days, just thank God I live here.

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