Recently a local group placed a half-page advertisement in The Trinity Journal that echoed the frustration many have with the Trinity County Department of Transportation.

By many I mean local engineers, surveyors, property owners, developers and the public in general. Working locally as an engineer and having served on the Trinity County Planning Commission, I have personally witnessed the stonewalling efforts on behalf of the Trinity DOT to either deny or make as difficult as possible any potential development and/or property upgrade.

From minor subdivisions, to encroachment permits, to allowing applications for development plans expire without response, the DOT has drug its feet and thus have cost the public they serve unfair timelines and financial burdens. There seems to be a complete unwillingness to compromise or meet the public halfway. “My way or the highway” would be a fitting motto.

Many in our profession are baffled with the unacceptable service experienced from this county agency. Be it contempt, neglect, power trips, or other reasons, but something desperately needs to change.

Trinity County needs more housing and development of residential and business properties, which will in-turn invite more professionals and labor, and facilitate county revenue in property taxes, but the DOT is ensuring that this does not effectively take place, choking out these efforts — one by one.

Let this letter not overshadow the positive things from this agency, but these are valid concerns that must be addressed.

I encourage others with similar difficulties to speak up NOW, reach out to your supervisors, attend meetings, coordinate. We cannot allow the DOT to continue to stifle our community growth with unrealistic standards, wasted time, and poor public service.

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