Reverse engineer the Second Amendment concerning the right of the people to keep and bear arms and you get 1933 Germany updated to 2019 and more than just a few missing Jews and infirm people right afterwards. It will involve the evolution of techno-logic leverage with human greed and fears in the battle for dominance. And leveraged culture wars directed at weaker minorities and key support? Right here and right now.

Leverage? My Bro, while we were waiting for the belated opening of the local restaurant, asked his Android if the Lewiston Hotel was open for breakfast and it kicked back an answer we could all hear being connected to the hotel wi-fi private network.

It also responded to my “What do we need 8 billion people for?” Less than a hundred bucks eBay. So what’s an app to hack my neighbors’ access to the net ... and why people are dropping out of the system at my end of the spectrum. Hidden network ... “Forbidden Planet.”

Spent some time at Cooper Gulch range setting rebar and cans at various distances, collecting trash and ‘range art’ and noted the lack of any evidence of shells commonly seen (Winchester 30/30) before our governor and liberal reps in California eliminated the use of lead statewide in hunting effective July 1, 2019. A query to CCI returned no plan to make the now needed .22 rim fire unleaded ammo.

Grey squirrels/lost count past 500 several years ago — all but a few taken with reduced cast lead loads and shotguns reloaded with BB on down to 6 shot. Try “parkerlarry1” and Derrings Penal code Annotated 1980 — a guide to behavior.

Machiavelli was a staunch supporter of republics (the people) and his views are embedded in our federal Constitution with much improvement as he himself predicted. But for some time now outsized leverage has been used against our federal constitutional example and reverse engineered support for our Republic “in perpetuity” by any and all means and destroy its foundational safeguards and precepts at the expense of individual liberties and rights once expressed as inalienable in 1776 by real revolutionaries.

“...Deserve neither liberty or safety.” The Constitution?

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Michael Snyder

I'm not quite sure how to break this to you Mr. Parker, but it was the Allies and the treaty of Versailles that imposed gun control on the German people, not Hitler. In fact he used the frustration caused by that along with the economic devastation caused by the reparations imposed by the Allies to fan the flames of nationalism by targeting immigrants and minorities and using their misery to give his chosen people a restored (although false) sense power. Then he harnessed that to seize power and start what we now know as WW II.

You're right about one thing though, there is a similar pattern happening here in America. But it has nothing to do with those who are tired of paying for your alleged second amendment rights with our lives.


I couldn't get past "the evolution of techno-logic leverage with human greed and fears in the battle for dominance."

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