Are your “rights” more important than my life? Or yours?

I am almost 80 years old. Twenty percent of those over 70 who contract COVID-19 die. I am writing a family history for my descendants and would like to finish it before I die. That, as well as other reasons, including watching grandchildren and a great-grandchild grow up, provide me with a desire to live my life to its fullest extent.

I live in Hayfork. I was recently in Weaverville to obtain auto repairs that were not available in Hayfork. While I was there, I decided to shop at Holiday Market. As I approached the door wearing my mask, I saw a sign indicating that masks were required. Yet, when I entered, I saw that approximately one in four shoppers were not wearing masks, nor were they observing social distance.

Yes, it is your “right” not to wear a mask, although your “right” endangers elders like me. It is also your “right” to contract COVID-19 through the expression of your “rights,” and spread it to others more vulnerable. It’s your “right” to die or be disabled for the rest of your life.

My hope is that you will respect the science available to us all and reconsider your choice.

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I understand your fear of this virus. It is highly contagious and can cause death in some cases. However, at what point are people going to feel safe enough to go out in public without this fear? When are we going to return to being able to talk face to face with others? Is it going to be when some government official or "scientist" tells us it is safe? I think not!

You speak of rights versus masks as though someone's choice of not wearing a masks put you and others at great risk. It does put you at risk.......... Just driving to Holiday Market puts you at greater risk of death than contracting Covid 19. I am not trying to marginalize your fears. What I am trying to point out is the damage that is being done to children, families, and society by these long term lock downs, closures, and cancellations. It is far worse than this virus.

We cannot run or hide from it! Even when the vaccine is available it will still be out there. So let's move on with life and stop harping on each other about this whole mess.

Trinity Bob

Dear MikeW,

While I respect your "opinion," I am in total awe of your overwhelming and absolute expertise in judging the severity of this new virus. Your understanding is even greater than those who specialize in this research. Wow! [sarcasm]

Apparently, you do not believe that "we are all in this together."

I am grateful, however, that I am not an elderly relative of yours. I would be so ashamed that I had raised you to have no concern for your fellow citizens and I would be worried lest you should ever come visit me.

While I would feel sorry for you if you caught this thing, I would also feel that you knowingly contracted it by willfully ignoring what is now known. I would also think that you deserved it.

Please think of others, at least every once in a while. It won't hurt you and it might save their life.

-- A fellow citizen

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