This is our moment. We can do this.

Who will you be in this pandemic? Will you help your neighbors, sharing food and supplies and encouragement, or will you stock up on ammunition to keep people away from whatever you fear that someone might steal? Will you shelter at home to keep the virus from spreading or declare that no one can tell you what to do and go on, gathering in groups because you, after all, are not elderly or immune compromised.

We have a unique opportunity, in this moment, to determine who we are and how we will function as a species from here on in. Consider planting a victory garden to feed yourself and your community. Raise chickens for eggs or meat to feed yourself and your community. Buy meals to go from the Senior Center or any local restaurant willing to deliver or offering take-out orders to help keep them afloat.  

Encourage each other. Share with each other. Listen to each other’s fears. Listen to each other’s solutions. Love one another. We can do this. I am witnessing this right now in my little Hayfork community. Young people are stepping up to offer free delivery services for people self-isolating. One young woman is asking people if they have food, pledging to find some for them if they do not. She is a person of modest resources but who has the heart of a lion. A local grocery store is offering early morning shopping exclusively for seniors and those who are immune compromised.  

Folks of all ages are voluntarily staying at home to slow the spread of infection. The community is canceling gatherings for the good of all. People are posting encouragement and humor online. We can do this. And we are doing it.

Don’t like what the politicians are doing in terms of response or priorities? Vote them out next time. But, please, pause the angry petty partisan fighting. Resist the impulse to turn this medical emergency into a conspiracy theory. There are more important things to focus on right now.

We are the ones who need to save ourselves. This is our moment to be the superhero we all have within us. We can do this.

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