I write in response to Richard Jeans’ letter from June 30. I won’t spend my time refuting his arguments. I will leave that to Megan Killeen who is more qualified than I am to make those arguments. I want to comment on Mr. Jean’s dismissive tone and his qualification to comment on this topic.

So Mr. Jeans, could you please tell us what educational degrees you have that make you an authority on climate change? What are the professional groups to which you belong? What professional journals have you written for? You personally attack Ms. Killeen “self aggrandizement” and put the word expert in quotes when you refer to her.

Well, where did you get your expertise from? Do you recognize any experts in the field? Because 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is real and humans are causing it. So are 97 percent of our climate scientists lying Mr. Jeans? You present statements that you say are fact. But you offer no scientifically verifiable evidence to prove your point. Let us see your qualifications.

Conspiratorial white men tried to overthrow our democracy on Jan. 6. They have no facts that the election was stolen either. So Mr. Jeans put up or shut up. We know Megan’s qualifications. Show us yours. This old white man is tired of conspiratorial white men tearing this country apart.

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