I would like to think so! I am the mother of a mentally ill man who grew up in Trinity County. We moved away to Oregon when he was in high school, it was there he was riding with friends and was in a car wreck, which left him with a broken neck and concussion.

He survived and even though he dragged one leg and had no use of one arm, he was determined to walk down the aisle at his senior graduation and did! But then a little time later he was diagnosed with a mental illness.

We then moved back to the place we loved, here in Hayfork.

Last March 26 I called the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office as he was having an episode with which he was yelling and screaming; he was hurt and throwing things off the porch. I thought they would help to calm him so he didn’t hurt himself. We had done that before and usually, as in this case, he was calmed down before they got here.

They ask if we wanted to press charges and we said no, that he never hurt us, so we thought that they were just taking him to jail to calm him down. Well for some reason then-DA Donna Daly took it upon herself to file false charges so they could hold him.

She was holding him to go to Napa for treatment so that he could remember what he did!

Well how can you remember something you didn’t do!? Especially “Elder Abuse!!??” He is still being held in that little tiny cell box in Weaverville.

I have gone to court for him about four times since and even the last court date of Oct. 14, I ask the judge to dismiss the false charges. At the end of court the judge said we would have a closed session to discuss it. Well the acting DA Brady would not drop the charges, so the judge said his hands are tied and the attorney said there was nothing she could do.

They are still waiting to send him to Napa until he understands what he didn’t do!

Let me ask any of you if you can understand, any of this? He has now been in there for nine months, sleeping on the floor as he is afraid of falling off the top bunk.

He is very depressed now and cries on the phone when someone helps him call me. Which is not very often.

We miss him, he is a good man with a handicap.

Can anyone out there understand this!!!???

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