Onward! After a successful signature gathering campaign, where 1,216 people, nearly 10 percent of the county’s population signed on, the Trinity County Cannabis Tax is on the ballot.

Measure G will provide significant revenue to the county general fund while setting the stage for a successful craft cannabis industry.

I believe this innovative approach will bring stability to the county and through that stability drive development in many sectors of Trinity County’s economy.

Increased housing, tourism and recreation, and diverse agriculture are all things I see as potential benefits.

We have already seen an uptick in building permits, and the associated increase in property tax. The North County is having a stellar year, to the point of overabundance of visitors to our Trinity Alps trailheads, and more production of local foods than I have seen in years.

Measure G is intended to support all of these positive outcomes. By taxing farmers on product sold, not potential yields, our smaller craft farms will continue to succeed and contribute to the fabric of our communities.

The word is out, Trinity County produces as fine a product as there is on the statewide regulated market, and people from all over want to see the beautiful mountain region and well-tended farms where our flowers are grown. While they are here they may visit our retail stores, eat in our restaurants, sample our local beer and wine, or take a guided fishing trip.

I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful and rich environment with some of the best people in the world. This place is my home, and I want to see it treated with respect. I ask for your support in that concept and a vote for Measure G is just that.

Vote yes on Measure G -- the right cannabis tax at the right time.

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