After reading Jeff Douglas’ letter in The Trinity Journal I decided to respond. If you read the Record Searchlight and The Trinity Journal you know that in the last couple of weeks thousands and thousands of (cash) dollars have been confiscated from drug dealers from outside the county and state, here to buy drugs.

You’ll also be aware that numerous felony arrests have been made as a result of these large cash seizures. You will know that numerous pounds (not ounces) of illegal drugs have been confiscated during some of these cash seizures and arrests. Now as for Sheriff Bruce Haney, I hope you finally have some sense of who he really is, and what he is getting accomplished, because I think to this point you’re totally clueless!

Bruce Haney is our sheriff! He’s the guy that runs the “show” and he’s doing what he said he’d do before he was elected sheriff. He’s fought budget cuts so that he could keep deputies on the street. He’s utilizing retired peace officers who are now Trinity County reserve deputy sheriffs.

You mentioned the Trinity County Sheriff’s Auxiliary, group of dedicated volunteers in Weaverville, Douglas City, Junction City, Hayfork and most places in between. Under Haney’s supervision there are now active “Neighborhood Watch” units in Weaverville, Hayfork, Lewiston and throughout the county.  

Haney also oversees the new Trinity County K-9 program that is run by the Sheriff’s Auxiliary. The program is by all standards a “home run” with one K-9 (and handler) currently patrolling the streets and highways of Trinity County. Another K-9 and handler (a deputy) will soon be graduating from one of the best K-9 training facilities in the U.S. He will be assigned to another populated area of the county. These dogs are subject to 24-hour callout to work drugs, lost children, adults, and hunters, and numerous tasks K-9s perform.

That, Mr. Douglas, is who Bruce Haney is. He’s a dedicated professional who learned his trade as a deputy sheriff on the mean streets of Los Angeles. He is doing what he promised the people of the county he would do prior to getting elected. Accomplishing a lot yet having very little to work with, utilizing resources that other administrations never tapped.

Haney is a dedicated professional with broad shoulders. It takes a lot more than a letter to the editor from some critic to rattle his cage!

Why don’t you channel some of your criticism into something more constructive and join a volunteer organization, be part of the solution in these times of economic chaos rather than to try and create dissension amongst the troops.

P.S. Try checking your facts before writing another letter like your last one, then exercise your freedom of speech! It would be interesting to see you spend a day trying to “fill his shoes.”