I agree with Peter Brydon’s comments on the Dr. Fauci editorial cartoon of Oct. 27. All of Mr. Brydon’s points are well taken. I appreciate him bringing them to the attention of the paper and the community.

Do we really need to keep demonizing the people we disagree with or don’t like, for whatever reasons? Come on ... what happened to our American spirit? Yes that spirit, the one where we support each other and are willing to come together rather than fly apart?

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Truth First

Sorry, but I don't see it as demonizing anyone, Evelyn. More like telling the whole truth, finally. Fauci had been lionized by the news media and all the other disingenuous drones who marched in lock step right from the beginning. Then, the truth started to come out, about his role in creating this bioweapon at Wuhan after lying to congress repeatedly about it, and that's when the bat guano hit the fan. Before long, we learned about the gradual immune system erasure that eventually takes place with the "vaccine" that he also helped set up. And it just gets worse from there. This man is not only not a hero, but there may just be a maximum security living arrangement in his future. Yes, it's that bad. Please stop believing everything the corporate media reports about this killer. His reign of terror will soon be over.

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