I realize we need ambulance and medical air flight service here in Trinity County and I have carried insurance for this purpose for a number of years. I have never used this service and I do hope that I will not need it anytime soon.

However, I voted against the recent property tax measure that would have funded emergency services here in Trinity County. It would have cost me less to pay that tax than it is for me to pay the annual insurance premium but, still, I voted against it anyway!

If law enforcement continues allowing heroin and meth sales here in Lewiston and beyond (with no attempts to stop it in decades), then I am not willing to “add” yet another (tax) to my property so that some dope-dealing renter in town gets a free ride to the hospital. No thanks.

If I have to pay for a service that others are getting for free, then I am not a team player.  I am not attracted to lazy, freeloading liberals; I don’t follow stupid people and I do not play well with Socialist Democrats, either.

Ole Shangri-La took away Lewiston’s deputy a number of years ago and then opened up a “bogus” drug rehab over here where the court in Weaverville would dump all their tweekers and junkies. Just wonderful! (They were allowed to wander around our town — and everyone here was soon missing something from their yards.)   

Since that time Trinity has filled up with unaccomplished lefties who seem to want everything here for free. And they want us landowners to pay for all of it! Well, you gotta pay for meth and heroin anyway. That’s not free.

Democrats are destroying Trinity County. So, let them find their own way to the hospital in Weaverville. (Redding doesn’t want them, either.) And I’m not interested in paying for them or helping them in any way.   

We might speak the same language, but we are not on the same page anymore. Be gone Democrats! You shame humanity and embarrass America.

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Trinity Bob

Dear Steve Lindsay,

I respect that you have prepared in advance for emergencies and I too hope you will never need ambulance or air flight service.

But I am sorry that you feel that Democrats are your enemy. Let me please assure you that if ever you were in trouble, I and every Democrat I know would try to help you, whether we thought you could repay our expenses or not.

It seems many Republicans would just let you suffer, but Democrats believe in helping those who cannot help themselves, for whatever reason. I certainly agree with this part of what seems to be your perspective, though: There is a stark contrast between those two philosophies.

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