There was an article that appeared in the Nov. 6 Trinity Journal by a Morris Pearl, a former managing director of BlackRock Inc. and the chair of the Patriotic Millionaires. We are told it is a coalition of high-net worth Americans concerned about the destabilizing concentration of wealth and power in the United States.

Wow what a mouthful.

The article goes on to lambast the Supreme Court decision of “Citizens United v. FEC.” What this decision did is level the political playing field for the average American by allowing for the formation of Political Action Committees, or PACs. These are generally tax-free under the tax code of 501(c)3. The reason this is so important it allows for a balance against the influence of unions and other entities that are able to provide large amounts of money and votes with little regulation.

“Citizens United” is the “Fairness Amendment” By allowing for the promulgation of these PACs; anyone can donate to a PAC or start one and not be bound to a union or other organization. If this was not such a big win for average Americans then why did the Obama/Biden IRS block the applications of more than 200 conservative PACs before the 2012 election? Am I the only one who smells a rat?

When we have the super wealthy or the groups that they represent tell average Americans that there needs to be more control of what we see, hear and read; who in fact does this benefit? Who benefits from a ingenerate populace? The elites. It does not matter any longer whether it is George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or a gentleman from one of the world’s largest money management funds to tell us that Citizens United v. FEC is flawed law; if so, why do those of elite means want to get rid of it?

Anything that allows for or promotes differing points of view is what our country is all about. Sadly, now we have a group of people who no longer wish to debate issues they just want to shout down the debate through violence and in your face tactics that only promotes destabilization of the whole fabric or our society. This is not free speech; it is shouting fire in a crowed theater. Do they not understand what they are doing; I bet they do.

We are a country of laws which is a term well-abused in today’s media. To disagree with the them or the swamp, you can see a duly elected president impeached. What is Nancy hiding from us; why else would she arbitrarily change the same rules that both Nixon or Clinton were tried under.

When you don’t have the right to counsel, to present evidence or even know your accuser something is deeply wrong with the whole mess, this is why the founders provided the Sixth Amendment. I am grateful that there are PACs and other groups in the open media that are out there to point out the wrongfulness of this mess. Without Citizens United v. FEC we would not be able to call this sham for what it is… garbage.

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