As people of this country we believe in certain things like freedom, liberty, and justice for one and all, right?

So why do we support China by buying all those products. After all, they believe in forced labor, human trafficking, sex trade and whatever else that they do.

I guess that what China does is OK as long as we can get a good deal.

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Trinity Bob

Dear Mr. Andrews,

You’ve hit the nail on the head. We “little” people actually do hold great power. Our power comes from what we buy. We wield this power when we make our buying choices every day. When we buy things made in China, we fund China’s actions and help them meet their goals, which are often diametrically opposed to our own goals.

This issue is far too important to leave to the federal government, and in this, the government has far less power than we consumers do.

If we want to stop empowering the Chinese, the solution is simple: Just stop buying their stuff.

Truth First

So no more of those wasteful solar panels then? Great idea. Bring back our coal!

Trinity Bob

What makes you think that bringing back our coal is the only alternative, TF?

How about we make the solar panels in the good old US of A, or does that not work for you? Buy American. America first! Remember?

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