Pastor Walter C. Scott wrote the Sept. 1 guest column. He selects one phrase from the Declaration of Independence. From there, he declares what he believes, based on his distorted reality that his “one and only true god and Author of the Bible” considers us all equal. There is so much wrong with all of his comments, I want to vomit.  

“Equality, equity, critical race theory, ‘woke,’ etc., draw more attention because they have progressed behind the mainstream information channels.” What the hell is that word salad supposed to mean?

Just because you believe in a male omniscient GOD on a cloud throwing down the Big Book Bible, and literally embodied by a charismatic figure 2,000 years ago, does not make it so. That man, Jesus, was probably closer to a socialist the pastor presents as bogeymen, than the naked libertarian capitalist (and too frequently featured editorialist) Lee Hamilton, he extolls from the Aug. 18 edition of The Trinity Journal.

The pastor writes of failed ideologies, with footnotes to the only book he reads.

I ask: Is rapacious unbridled Christian-supported male anglo-saxon dominated capitalism the paragon of success? Is man’s ideological popularity contest worthy of sacrificing the planet to score a win?

Sure, if you believe in heaven, hell, god, and satan, it’s all just one big scrimmage to get to the goal!

He writes of “the greatest deception” as critical race theory, “waiting for the perfect opportunity to cripple our democratic American way of life.

It is too lengthy to write about and describe here, but I invite you to investigate, educate yourself, and fight back against this insidious perversion of the truth.”

Essentially, he says look it up! Maybe he should. Speaking of pervesion of truth, Critical Race Theory is not the devil’s works he purports. There’s more truth to it than his Bible, and it’s not the end of the world as we know it!

The greatest deception? It is religion! Not just Christianity, although it bears a lion’s share of the blame. No, I see religion, ALL religion, as a parasitic disease on humanity, promulgated by hucksters like the good pastor Scott. I believe Jesus would agree. So would buddha, and other popular mystics, with their legions of misguided and unwanted followers.

We learn from failure, as it teaches us to do better next time. It can foster wisdom and introspection. Failing teaches humility.

I suggest the pastor look inward to find his own failings and perhaps even self-doubt, and read something else beside Lee Hamilton and his precious Bible.

Save us the Christian claptrap and stop pandering to the altars of capitalism. They do just fine without your support, and it’s unbecoming to such a pious man.

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Truth First

Talk about “word salad”! That was quite a self-important vegetarian feast you laid out there, Billy.

When you find yourself on the same side as those ignorant few in society who propel what amounts to a new religion like Hypocritical Racist Theology as the new normal, while you vilify honorable men of faith as naive hucksters, then you might want to reexamine your priorities, and then take a look around and start scrutinizing your chosen bedfellows as well.

The only people who are kowtowing to capitalism these days are the leftists who embrace the lunacy of CRT, like that Black Crimes Matter chief who bought herself several mansions, or the shrill Latina girl from New York who's been living the high life at pricey galas, when she's not TikToking her vacuous little self, and, when she finds the time, phoning-it-in as a faux-congressperson.

And look at you, you sophisticated intellectual you—having spent all that time thinking so long and hard about the subject of religion, sufficient to determine that 90% of the world's population is wrong to believe in a higher power. What mighty truths you must have uncovered in your many years of granular theological study!

Please share, for crying out loud. If only the planet's ignorant masses could finally see the light and come to terms with just how correct you so self-righteously are! Or at least to get their hands on some of the local product you've been smoking.

Nonexistent, it seems, is the self-proclaimed atheist who's capable of shutting the h-e-l-l up about it.

Trinity Bob

Jesus never called anyone ignorant or vacuous or faux or shrill or sophisticated intellectual or self-righteous. He didn't call anybody names and He treated everyone with love and respect—even those who did not agree with Him.

Those who wish to (or say they do) follow His example don't do those things either.

Wouldn't you agree, Pastor Scott?

Truth First

Word to the wise...People who've made a lifestyle of recreational drug use, and also happen to fancy themselves atheists or agnostics, should never be too quick to dismiss people of faith as deluded or gullible, lest they risk looking like hypocrites themselves; because if there's one thing that has proven to be every bit as much an “opiate of the masses” as religion, it's the actual...effing...opiates!

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