Re: Where’s the big pot revenue? $325,000 settlement … illegal land development. Brush disposal rules unclear. Landlines out in an emergency.

We tried for 60 years to get Pacific Gas & Electric to run a powerline in here and bring the phone company in with them. We country bumpkins finally realized that PG&E is in the business to sell electricity and gas and nothing else. They are so rich that they don’t need to add any more meters to the grid.

As far as maintaining any easements, they don’t have to do that, either. When a tree branch falls, a fire will start and clean out all the brush. As for leaky gas pipes, they will explode, knocking all the houses off of them so PG&E has a clear access to replace them.

This last summer, I sent a prayer of thanksgiving to the creator that we don’t have PG&E here. While we are not 100 percent safe from fires and gas explosions, the odds are less that we will be burned out or blown up.

When cell service arrived, I discovered that I couldn’t call any friends or enemies but I always could get 911. So, I wrote a letter to the Board of Supervisors and asked that the cops share their secret with us so that we could make calls in and out.

The response was that this country rube head on down to Gehenna and take her dumb questions with her. As I had noticed that they were headed in the same direction, I said I’d meet them there and shake their hands as we stood around in the flames. Why bother with a vote later? Let’s do a recall now.

As for the rest of us who have to clear brush, it doesn’t matter if it’s native buckbrush or blackberries that have to go because it all burns equally when it gets dry. Let’s get it all up and out of here before the next tree branch falls. And, don’t dump us on the internet; remember that we have no access to that as well as friends and enemies to get information from.

As for pot growers not having to pay taxes for a while so they can “get on their feet,” anybody who can afford to hire a bulldozer, tear up a whole mountain, pay $325,000 in fines and then go back and clean it all up and stay in business after that doesn’t need a tax break.

What about all the other non-pot business startups? Maybe we ought to get one of our local hotshot lawyers to file a class action suit against the county on behalf of all the businesses who started up but got no tax breaks to help them “get on their feet.”

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