What a horrible summer filled with the destruction of our beautiful forest land. Not to mention the loss of property, possessions and life itself. I suppose we have lots of reasons for these massive, out-of-control fires. Extreme heat, drought, wind to name the obvious.

I know many retired foresters. I mean guys that served time 20 years ago, putting in their 20-30 seasons of service. Talk to these guys, they’ll tell how it was to manage the forests in days past. Operating within budgets and dedication to service with a pride of accomplishment.

But please, let’s not mention all the environmental rules and regulations that handcuff the Forest Service of today. Let’s not mention how the harvesting of renewable resources (logging, if you’re not sure what that means) has been impacted by city dwellers wanting to take leisurely strolls in the forest while on a one-week vacation.

Or how a single bird that bought a complete stop to the industry years back only to find out later it was being hunted by a much larger Eastern cousin which migrated west.

Let’s avoid the subject of conifer decline and death due to the Bark Beetle and Tip Moth. These two pests could have been controlled by the aerial application of safe, target specific insecticides.

To blame a single individual (a president?) for this mess is like blaming Noah for the flood! Is funding an issue? Maybe if we weren’t spending so much on courtroom defense of environmental violations we could finance forest floor clean-up and maintenance.

I don’t know. I’m just a dumb ol’ former farmer (40 years). I watched my previous profession go bust because we could no longer cut sagebrush for avocado orchards (which are now grown in Mexico).

There’s lots of reasons why we are witnessing this great loss. At the top of the list is the Overreaching federal EPA along with all its splinter groups. Those bureaucrats that we can’t vote out!

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