Reading the letters to the editor From Mary Stewart (Aug. 12) and then Karen Boltz’s response to it (Sept. 2), brought a picture to me that made me laugh at the absurdity of it. I have often heard that there can only be one captain of a ship in order for it to navigate safely. The analogy of these two fighting over the steering wheel of our Titanic America is pretty apropos to be sure.

One captain is looking out the window and yelling the warning of the impending doom of an iceberg ahead and the other is watching the radar screen and doesn’t realize the channel was changed to “Mad TV” and screams “full speed ahead!” If you only watch the nightly news and form your opinion of what’s happening in our country you might as well be watching “Mad TV.” My favorite was when the reporter is saying “mostly peaceful protests” while in the background a neighborhood is burning to the ground! I’d have to write a book to point out all the false narratives Karen regurgitates.

They don’t talk about what Biden has done (or hasn’t done) but just attack Trump. Instead of pointing out that PPE was depleted before Trump got into office, they want to say he wasn’t prepared for a pandemic. Shouldn’t that have already been done before he got into office? But that’s how the “Mad TV” crowd thinks. So I’ll make my own condensed list for you to consider.

Biden has been in government for almost 50 years! Trump, four years with his hands tied by the Democrat’s attacks, lead by the media!

Yet Trump was able to:

Fix the economy which brought the lowest unemployment numbers for all people across all demographics. The list of the economic results is long.

Created criminal justice reform that actually brought common sense to sentencing. Helps minorities the most.

Created opportunity zones: $100 billion to help low-income areas. Which helps minority neighborhoods the most.

Fighting for school choice. Again this helps minorities the most.

Fixed the VA, another long list of things he did to fix it.

Eliminated the individual mandate penalty (The part of Obamacare that fined people who couldn’t afford health insurance). Think about that, Obama fined people who couldn’t afford health insurance! A law that is supposed to help low-income people get health insurance, actually fined them if they couldn’t afford it? DUH!

Trump got prescription drugs prices lowered.

The right to try act: Finally allows people who are going to die a chance at trying whatever they can to save their lives, again ... DUH!

Finally a president who put the American people first by requiring other countries to support themselves.

The whole world has been on welfare paid for by the American people. Another list that is long!

Free trade agreements that finally brings jobs back to Americans.

I could go on and on! Look it up, it’s crazy how many things he’s done that has helped the American people, something no other president has done in my lifetime.

Again Biden has been in office for almost 50 years! What has he done? Yes the choice is clear, if you’ll look up from your “Mad TV” you’ll see it.

God bless America! Say no to socialism, Vote Trump!

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