Carolyn Munn, the counties of Northern California do care for their vets and their sacrifices. They do it three times per year: Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day. They need our crippled bodies to display in their celebrations in order to appear patriotic. The other 362 days of the year they will step over your sick, homeless carcass without a nod.

Several years ago, “Veterans Choice” was enacted. Finally, we could go to “any doctor or facility” for treatment. Apparently, they didn’t tell the doctors because the nearest one I could find that accepted “Veterans Choice” was 220 miles away. Useless, but looks great on paper.

On June 6, D-Day, the VA enacted the “Mission Act” that “continues to provide us with an excellent health care experience, deliver the right care, at the right time, at the right place, and provides more options for health care, including community care and urgent/walk-in care.” I blew my morning coffee out my nose when I read that. They can be funny. Their new appointment cards even say “defining excellence in the 21st Century.”

All of that BS looks terrific on paper. My friends read that and think I get the best care in the world.

Here is reality. You cannot find a facility or a doctor that accepts the excellent VA plan. Going to the VA took five months to get cancer operation. Too late, but don’t despair, there is always radiation. Took seven months to get that. Took three years to get back surgery. Apparently, we don’t understand “excellence.”

Now for the big improvement, the “Mission Act.” I was called by the VA two weeks ago. My primary care doctor has been changed. I had her one and a half years and never met her. My new primary care doctor wants to see me ASAP to discuss changes in my medication. Please call today and make an appointment with him. I called immediately, on May 25 and was advised the soonest the doctor could see me is Oct. 4. That’s over four months. I believe the concentration camp Jews received this same excellent care! Their card should read “Go home and die. You’re useless baggage.”

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