Anyone out there feel like something stinks with this election? I find it hard to believe that America voted for a 78-year-old man that has spent 48 years in the D.C. swamp without a single notable accomplishment. A man that has never had an original idea of his own, a man who made millions of dollars from government service, a candidate that didn’t campaign, a candidate that didn’t even have a platform.

Donald Trump presided over the best economy in history, brought a million people out of poverty, had more Americans working than any time in history, wages increased by six thousand dollars and he implemented America First policies around the world.

Donald Trump received 73 million votes, that’s more votes than Obama got in 2008, more votes than any GOP candidate in history and 9 million more votes than he received to win the election in 2016. The GOP also picked up 10 seats in the House, do people ever vote for a Democrat for president and then vote GOP on the down ballot? Seems odd, so where did Biden get all of his votes?

I don’t know, but there have been hundreds of affidavits that show widespread voter fraud, and the Democrats don’t want the process to go forward. Shouldn’t the Democrats want the American people to be confident in our election results? After the past four years, 73 million Americans have lost confidence in our media, our education system and now our election process. In several cities where Democrats have control of the election process, there were changes made to allow fraud, they used the pandemic as an excuse to expand mail-in voting.

It seems odd all the discrepancies occurred in Democrat-run cities and always in favor of Joe Biden. The numbers just don’t add up, this looks like another fraud on the American people, maybe another insurance policy for the left. Having confidence in our voting system is not hard, for example South Dakota required vote-in person with ID and signature unless you preregistered and applied for an absentee ballots. In South Dakota, ballots were counted and results were known on Election Day.

Is it possible that I underestimate the “hate Trump vote,” after all for the past four years the Democrats, the media, Hollywood, big tech and the swamp have been pushing a hate Trump agenda. This started before Trump took office. Democrats refused to attend the inauguration, Nancy Pelosi ripped up the State of the Union Speech in front of America, and don’t forget the insurance policy from the highest level of the FBI and the media pushing the Russia probe, 24/7, impeachment over a phone call!

The media told us over and over again that Trump was a Russian agent, he was racist, homophobic, and sexist. Prominent Democrats called for civil unrest, they said take to the street, get in their faces.

In my lifetime I have never seen a president vilified, disparaged, criticized, ridiculed and slandered like this president. I will no longer be lectured by the left claiming the moral high ground while ignoring the hateful rhetoric from the left, I will not be lectured about their phony calls for unity, I will not sit quiet and watch our country be run the way Democrats have run our cites, drug-addicted homeless living in the streets, failing infrastructure, failed education systems and failing to protect citizens and business from rioting and looting.

I did not realize that America was so unaware of Donald Trump’s accomplishments, our so-called media is directly responsible, their job is to investigate and inform but instead they became the propaganda wing for the Democratic Party and that power is almost impossible to overcome. Donald Trump was never given a chance and still he worked hard every day for America.

If our country is to survive, we have to have free and fair elections, we need an honest media, we cannot allow big tech and the media to decide what we hear, we can’t allow an education system that indoctrinates students and we have to get off of this path to socialism.

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Trinity Bob

Dear Mr. Glass,

You've packed in so much. Where to start? First, if anyone were going to commit voter fraud, why would they not have also managed to control the Senate and gain seats in the House? If you're going to commit fraud, why not go all the way? Why fraudulently elect a president who won't also control Congress? How could he get anything done? It just doesn't make sense.

The man without a platform for this election, as we know, was Mr. Trump.

My wages did not increase by $6,000. Did yours? No one I know got a $6,000/year raise. No one.

I agree with you about Big Tech. First, let's take away Mr. Trump's Twitter. (That's Big Tech, you know.)

Yes, you vastly underestimated the “hate Trump vote.”

Much of the rest of what you write are the exact word-for-word arguments (your original thoughts?) of others, repeated ad nauseum on the right-wing side of the radio dial.

Since you are so adamantly opposed to socialism, I trust that you will not cash or accept Social Security checks or Medicare and that you also oppose payments to farmers (socialism is taking from some and giving to others) hurt by Mr. Trump's tariffs on China.

Clearly, you have had no trouble finding the news sources you wish, so I'm not quite sure how you can argue that Big Media is controlling what you can hear.

Mr. Trump told his voters to not vote by mail in the midst of a deadly pandemic, one he has inadequately confronted. Whose fault is that?

Oh, yes, and about the failing infrastructure and educational system. You do realize who is president RIGHT NOW? His pick, Ms. DeVos is running the Dept. of Education, and Mr. Trump's Infrastructure Week and his wonderful health care plan are always just two weeks away.

Trump's time in office is running out. He's got a whole lot to do if he's to make good on even just those two promises. But thank you for your opinions.

--A fellow citizen


Thank you Trinity Bob. I tried to post the accomplishments Biden's past 4 years but was not able to. I hope people accept the new way of thinking, that being we are the United States of America, not the divided states that Trump has promoted.

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