The Trinity Journal account of the TAA lawsuit this past week did not put the most recent development in a proper context. It implied the county was actually successful in defending that legal action to compel the county to follow the law in in Cannabis Program.

Last fall, the court issued a judgment ordering the county to do what TAA had (since 2019) been directing the county to do ... strictly adhere to CEQA before issuing commercial cannabis licenses. The court also directed that the county pay for the attorney’s fees TAA had to incur to get the county to simply follow the law.

In late February, the court made a preliminary decision to require the county to pay for the attorney’s fees and costs incurred by TAA to enforce its Settlement Agreement with the county and CEQA. The court has since issued a resulting final order that the county pay for all of the actual fees and costs incurred by TAA, as the prevailing party.

As a result, the county must now reimburse TAA for the $338,000 in attorney’s fees incurred by TAA in the latest lawsuit proceedings.

Sadly, the same result could have occurred by county agreement with TAA over a year ago, without subsequent expensive court proceedings, whereby the county could have merely reaffirmed its CEQA obligations and reimbursed TAA’s $30,000 in fees incurred as of that time.

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My memory is a bit different than the author's. TAA lost the first judicial ruling so they appealed.

They were just a week or two before they were to go to court with their appeal when Judy Morris and the legal team signed an agreement that capitulated to TAA's demands and then writing a check for $90,000 for TAA's legal fees without the consent of the BOS, which had the opportunity to ratify the deal months after the fact, but DIDN'T!

Supervisor Morris screwed the legal, environmentally sound growers without even trying to defend the original judges correct decision.

And if TAA was really about the environment, why haven't they sued the County and Sheriff for not going after the illegal growers? Very telling, if you ask me.

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