Robin Heatherstorm, I think you haven’t lived around here very long because you clearly know nothing about wildfires. You want “immediate action and answers,” but wildfires are vicious and unpredictable, especially nowadays, and you don’t just snap your fingers to put them out.

Of course you are eager to return home, and the firefighters are working day and night so you will have a home to return to. The work they do is exhausting and dangerous, and frankly I don’t see how they manage to do what they do. And when we’ve been evacuated, the public information officers have always worked diligently to keep the public apprised of progress and tactics.

So maybe you should express some gratitude.

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Truth First

And you should show some class, Mr. W.

She wasn't putting down the firefighters, only expressing frustration over the bureaucracy that oversees underfunding/staffing of these wildfires.

The lady deserves your respect as well as your sympathy, and certainly not your man-splaining.

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