The sky is falling! And (if) we do not vote to send “more money” to Weaverville, then there will be no ambulances here, nor any helicopters for medical emergencies. We are all going to die!

Sound familiar? They fed us this same crap when we needed to “save the hospital” in Weaverville. Well, we saved it! So, what do we have there now? I have avoided that hospital for decades because I was “warned” about that place when I first arrived here back in the 1980s. And nothing yet has changed my mind.   

Now I’ve learned that we currently have a doctor who refuses to work there unless “his dog” accompanies him while he performs his duties there each day. Seriously folks…  (a dog) wandering around our hospital. Sure glad we saved that place!   

But I’ll never go there anyway ….  unless of course, I am forced to by some medical bureaucracy in Weaverville. It’s all about “the Benjamins” now, folks; and we will have no control over (which hospital) they take us to.  

Just remember this… no one makes any money in Weaverville (if) that helicopter takes you to Mercy Medical Center in Redding. So which direction do you suppose they will take us?  

Enough with the lies out of Weaverville! (Some of the most selfish people I’ve encountered in life.) It is so obvious now that no one in that town even cares about the security of the people here in Lewiston, nor anywhere else in this county.   

Well, that’s OK. Because I personally don’t care about the financial health of your crooked little Sanctuary town; and I don’t give a damn about your uneducated children, either. For all I care… your kids can cut their heroin with powdered mold and save that school district here some money.  

In the meantime…  give Lewiston back our deputy!

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